BioSil™ Human Clinical Trial Shows Significant Improvement in Sun Damaged or Prematurely Aging Skin

Belgian researchers present findings at international symposium in Orlando

The silicon supplement BioSil™, which contains a choline-stabilized and concentrated form of orthosilicic acid, ch-OSA™, may help restore elasticity and suppleness to skin damaged by chronic exposure to sunlight or UV rays, and reduce brittleness in hair and nails.

Scientists at the Free University of Brussels recently completed a 20-week double-blind study using 50 women ages 40 to 65 who had clear signs of sun damaged or prematurely aging skin. Half received 10 mg. of BioSil™, while the other half received a placebo. The BioSil™ group experienced a significant improvement over the placebo group including:

Shallower micro wrinkles: up to 30 percent better than placebo
Improved skin elasticity: 55 percent better than placebo
Significant reduction of brittleness in hair and nails

Their findings were presented at the October 28th International Symposium of the International Society for Bioengineering and the Skin, held in Orlando.

Silicon is a key component in hair, skin and nails, and is essential for optimal formation of collagen. The improvement in skin parameters could be the result of a regeneration or de novo synthesis of collagen fibers. Silicon also is reported to be involved in the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), the building blocks present in all connective tissues including skin. Consequently, ch-OSA™ might also improve the GAG structure in both the dermis, and in hair and nails.

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