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Biostar Nutriceuticals Introduces On-line Registration and US Agent Contracting

Under the US-Bioterrorism Act of 2002, all food companies are required to register with the FDA and provide prior notice of incoming shipments to the United States. Companies from outside the United States are required to appoint a US-based agent to act on their behalf with the FDA and deal with any issues which arise.

If you haven't already done so, you must register your company immediately and appoint your agent. Biostar Nutriceuticals is offering US Agent services and now presents an on-line service that is credit card enabled where, in one step, you can register your facility and contract with your agent at the same time.

Companies planning to ship finished food products, food ingredients and raw materials; herbs and herbal extracts, spices, oleoresins/essential oils , natural colors etc. into the US need both registration with the FDA and a designated US agent. The U.S. agent is a person residing in or maintaining a place of business in the United States, who the owner, operator, or agent in charge of a foreign establishment designates as its agent. Only one U.S. agent per foreign establisment is permitted and the U.S. agent must reside or maintain a place of business in the United States. The U.S. agent is responsible for acting as a communications link between FDA and the facility.

Facilities that fail to register may have their products refused at the U.S. port of entry starting December 12, 2003. With an estimated 400,000 company applications to process, the FDA is certain to have serious backlogs and delays are inevitable.

Biostar offers the following at


Registration is also offered from Biostar's 9 international facilities.

BioStar Nutriceuticals USA
140 Arrowood Lane , San Mateo, CA 94403
Tel: (650) 697-4700
Fax: (650) 697-6300
[email protected]
Contact: Mr. Richard A. Merriam

BioStar Nutriceuticals Canada
385 Lynn Avenue
North Vancouver, B.C. V7J2C4
Tel: (604) 903-7333
Fax: (604) 903-7332
[email protected]
Contact: Ms. Yda Brink

BioStar Nutriceuticals India
Margadarshan - 4/23
Prof.N.S. Phadke Road , Andheri - East, Mumbai 400069
Tel: 9122 26822248
Fax: 9122 28496099
[email protected]
Contact: Dr. Bhushan Karnik

BioStar Nutriceuticals Netherlands
PC Hooftstraat 1 Bis
3521 VG Utrecht, Netherlands
Tel: 31 30 29 81174
Fax: 31 84 22 33778
[email protected]
Contact: Mr. Johan Hendriks

BioStar Nutriceuticals Italy
CP No. 41
22100 Como, Italy
Tel: 39 3408902661
[email protected]
Contact: Dott. Whtney Richards

BioStar Nutriceuticals China
3-11-502, Lane 888, Luojin Road, Shanghai, P.R. China, 200210
Tel/Fax 86 21 54376928
Cell: 86 133 1163 3968
[email protected]
Contact: Mr. Yao Feng

BioStar Nutriceuticals Mexico
Rio Volga No. 7-A Col. Cuauhtemoc Mexico, D.F.C.P. 06500
Tel/Fax: 011 52 555 207 2264
Cell: 044 55 9144 5386
[email protected]
Contact: Mr. Robert Trangeser
Mrs. Susana Kamini Trageser

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