Biosyntrx Launches Fish-Oil Product

LEXINGTON, S.C., Oct 14, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Biosyntrx(R), an evidence-based company providing nutraceutical products that support the eye and body health today announced the launch of their new product, ZoOmega-3(TM), a high-quality concentrated Omega-3 dietary supplement from cold-water fish.

The Science

Cold-water fish contain essential fatty acids suggested to play an important role in eye and body health and disease prevention. Each capsule of ZoOmega-3 contains 300 mg of ethyl EPA Omega-3 fatty acid .and also includes 200 mg of ethyl DHA, another Omega-3 fatty acid.

Spencer Thornton, MD, president, chief medical officer, and one of the Biosyntrx founders, commented, "Excessive amounts of Omega-3 fatty acid can interfere with the body's ability to mount a lifesaving inflammatory response when needed, such as fevers to combat viral or bacterial attack, swelling to protect broken bones, or clotting to stop bleeding. Therefore we recommend one capsule of our high-quality ZoOmega-3 a day for health maintenance and disease prevention, particularly on days that fish is not included in the diet.

ZoOmega-3 is manufactured to meet current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). It is cholesterol and triglyceride free and contains no discernible amount of mercury or PCBs. ZoOmega-3 will retail for $17.95 for a 60 capsule two month supply.

About Biosyntrx

Biosyntrx, founded in late 2002, is a privately held, research-based ophthalmic company incorporated in Lexington, South Carolina. It provides evidence-based nutraceutical products that support optimal eye and body health. The company's other formulations, BioTears Oral GelCaps(R), Oculair(R) and Macula Complete(R), were also developed by physicians and scientists. Biosyntrx nutraceutical formulations are evidence-based and meet current good manufacturing practice standards (cGMP).

Biosyntrx products are sold with a full money back guarantee. For further information on our products and the thought-leading scientific and medical advisors to the company, please visit or contact Joe Kirkland, COO at 800-688-6815. For more information on the science behind ZoOmega-3 contact the Biosyntrx Chief Research Officer, Ellen Troyer, MT MA, in the Colorado Springs, CO Research Office at 877-327-7889.

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