Biovin (TM) Full Grape Extract - Health Benefits May Be Skin Deep

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- The French are known for their classic style, rich food, great wines, and the French Paradox. The paradox is that despite their consumption of rich foods, the French have a low rate of heart disease. Many researchers give the credit to wine and its antioxidant value and ability to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Grapes have been found to be among the richest sources of antioxidants and deep ¬colored grapes have been found to prevent the formation of blood clots that can block arteries. Also, recent research shows that it could help in the prevention of cancer.

Health industry researchers are finding that high concentrations of the substance trans-resveratrol, which is found predominantly in the skin of grapes, may be the key.

According to researchers at Northwestern University, trans-resveratrol acts like estrogen, a hormone that is known to protect against heart disease. The Northwestern University scientists concluded that," trans-resveratrol is a phytoestrogen that exhibits variable degrees of estrogen receptor agonism in different test systems. The estrogenic actions of trans-resveratrol broaden the spectrum of its biological actions and may be relevant to the reported cardiovascular benefits of drinking wine." Recent research shows that trans¬resveratrol may also interfere with the development of cancer by blocking the actions of carcinogens, inhibiting the initiation and promotion of tumors and causing precancerous cells to revert to normal.

To offer its customers a product that provides all the potential health benefits found in the entire grape, and not just the grape seed, Cyvex Nutrition, a leading supplier of nutritional ingredients, developed BioVin, a full spectrum French grape extract.

BioVin is a powdered extract made from grape seeds, skin and stems. The grape's skin is where, according to the Northwestern University study, the trans¬resveratrol is found. The extract is produced only from French grapes using alcohol and water, resulting in a supplement that is rich in trans-resveratrol, elligic acid, polyphenols and cyanidins. BioVin is also the only full spectrum grape extract on the market that contains trans-resveratrol.

From its corporate offices and laboratory headquartered in Irvine, California, thirteen-year-old Cyvex Nutrition is a trusted supplier in the health food industry offering a full line of high quality, specialty nutritional ingredients, processed or sourced worldwide. Cyvex's line of nutraceutical ingredients also includes: Broccoli Sprouts Extract, Green Tea Extract, 90% Polyphenols, Marine Protein Complex, Chondroitin Sulphate from shark, and many others. Cyvex Nutrition provides its customers with a wide range of support including expertise from on-staff food scientists and contract manufacturing services.

To request additional information on BioVin Full Grape Extract or information on other high quality, innovative Cyvex Nutrition products, call Cyvex direct at 888¬99CYVEX, visit booth #2941 at the Natural Products Expo - East Show, or their web site at

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