Bizerba launches fully automatic food slicer

Bizerba launches fully automatic food slicer

Thanks to immediate weighing after slicing, industrial food processing companies can reduce their give-away by up to 15 percent so that the slicer pays for itself within a year.

Bizerba launches the further development of the A510 weighing and slicing machine on the market: the fully automatic Scaleroline A550. Thanks to immediate weighing after slicing, industrial food processing companies can reduce their give-away by up to 15 percent so that the slicer pays for itself within a year.

Pays for itself within the first year: the new Scaleroline A550
The Scaleroline A550 is suitable for automatic slicing, shingling and stacking almost any sausage and meat types, even in their natural uneven form, up to widths of 210 millimetres. Suitable fruit and vegetables can also be sliced. There is even a special blade with groove for cheese. Users include butchers, who slice and package products in preparation rooms for several branches, as well as caterers and industrial kitchens who produce several thousand dishes a day. They all operate the machine using a colour LCD touchscreen: all the parameters can be set here in the menu, for example the number of slices and portions, the slice thickness and target weight.

Single slice weighing – new feature, e.g., for steaks, meatloaf and blocks of cheese
Bizerba has improved the weighing function again so that not only portions but even individual slices up to 300 grams can be weighed immediately after slicing. "Up until now, the slicer only weighed portions that consisted of several slices and varied the slice thickness of the remaining slices to achieve the portion's target weight exactly", explains Ralf Steinhilber, Director Food Processing at Bizerba. "We extended the functions of the A550 as a result of increased customer demand. It can now also weigh individual slices during continuous operation, where a portion consists of one individual slice."

No more give-aways: the ideal slice thickness is adjusted after the first slice is weighed
Software adjusts the slice thickness immediately after the first slice, so that the user saves 15 percent give-aways on average with every batch. Steinhilber: "Customer feedback has shown us that the investment in this slicer pays off within a year."

The time savings that the user achieves are also remarkable: "Some of our customers, for example, produce packets with different types of sausage. They use several machines for this. They are permanently configured for that type and fitted with the right blade", continues Steinhilber. The slicers' conveyor belts then merge together at the packaging machine.

Space saving: machine slices directly on the scale
The slicer is designed so that it will fit into even the tightest space. Steinhilber: "The cut slice falls directly onto the deposit belt and is weighed there. With many of the competitors' machines a conveyor belt is needed to transport the slice to the scale and this extra step naturally also takes up significantly more space."

The Scaleroline A550 is over two metres long but just 80 centimetres wide. It can easily be pushed through any door on wheels. This is particularly practical for those food processing companies who want to push the slicer into their wet room for cleaning. They can clean the stainless steel housing with running water there and remove many parts for high pressure cleaning. A separate device can be attached for sharpening. Steinhilber: "The owner does not have to remove the blade, this saves time and makes sharpening safer."

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