Blue California Introduces Novel Sterilization Procedure

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA –Blue California, an ingredient manufacturer in Southern California, announces the approval of a new sterilization process that uses ozone to treat ingredients at their manufacturing facility in China. Many European nations, as well as Japan and Canada, have banned gamma ray sterilization, so Blue California has implemented a new sterilization process using ozone to ensure quality requirements are met without the use of irradiation or ETO treatments.

This new innovative sterilization process oxidizes and destroys bacteria using ozone. Ozone, formed by applying electricity to the oxygen molecule, is a very aggressive, but safe, antibacterial agent. Ozone, approved by the FDA for the use in food processing, has been used in the treatment of bottled water in the US for the past two decades with a flawless safety record.

Cecilia McCollum, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains, “The demand for non-irradiated ingredients increased tremendously this past year creating a need for alternative sterilization methods and we responded to the challenge. Our ozone system provides a very safe form of sterilization for our herbal powders and extracts, allowing us to offer safe non-irradiated ingredients that meet our customers’ requirements. This is especially important for those customers in the Canadian, European and Japanese markets.” The byproduct of the sterilization process is only oxygen. The use of ozone as a disinfection agent is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly, a logical choice for forward-thinking companies.

Blue California, an ISO-9000-certified manufacturer of standardized botanical extracts and other specialty ingredients, uses raw materials from around the world to produce high quality raw materials offered through its headquarters in California and its East Coast office. In addition, Blue California offers a line of Kosher-certified ingredients, as well as value-added services such as blending, granulation, and milling. Blue California is also the exclusive distributor of Biolut™ Lutein Esters.

For more information, contact Cecilia McCollum at Blue California, 30111 Tomas, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688. (949) 635-1990, (949) 635-1984 Fax, [email protected],

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Cecilia McCollum
(949) 635-1990 Voice
(949) 635-1984 Fax

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