Blue Spring Wellness to Launch EuroPharma’s Danish Rose Hip Product as JointVital™

Green Bay, WI (January 27, 2006) – EuroPharma’s president Terry Lemerond is pleased to announce that Blue Spring Wellness LLC is introducing the first retail product containing the remarkable new anti-inflammatory Danish rose hip powder. The product featuring HybenVital’s Danish rose hip (LitoZin), will be marketed at retail as JointVitalÔ.

JointVital will be supported by a promotional campaign that includes national television, radio and print advertising to begin February 1, 2006. The product will be sold in health food stores and pharmacies, and by health care practitioners.

Grown only in Denmark, this proprietary subspecies of rose hip is dried and processed utilizing patented methods that preserve the active constituents, particularly a galactolipid known as GOPO. JointVital is standardized for GOPO, identified as the active anti-inflammatory agent. Lemerond, who introduced joint health blockbuster glucosamine sulfate to the US, discovered the Danish rose hip through his network of research facilities in Europe, and has secured the North American rights to the product.

A recent study published in the Scandinavian Journal Rheumatology, A powder made from seeds and shells of a rose-hip subspecies (Rosa canina) reduces symptoms of knee and hip osteoarthritis: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 34:302-308, 2005 by Winther, K. Apel, K and Thomsborg,G., is the continuation of an extensive series of laboratory and clinical investigations on anti-inflammatory and efficacy of rose hip in osteoarthritis.

Blue Spring International, located in Oklahoma City, is best known for Blue Stuff™ brand products, and the original SuperBLUE™ OTC topical pain relief cream, as well as the EuroPharma brand of products including SolaireÔ, Body ConfidentÔ age-defying supplements, and the Safe No Worry MedicineÔ homeopathic line. The company, owned and operated by Debra Murray, distributes through retail and other channels. With an expanding product line, numerous product distribution channels, strong brand names and a loyal customer base, Blue Spring has emerged as a leading health and wellness company. For more information, visit

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, EuroPharma, Inc., is committed to discovering innovative products that have been extensively researched and demonstrated to be safe, natural and effective which will help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives. EuroPharma is an extension of its founder, Terry Lemerond’s, historic successes and is a proven model of product development. For more information, visit

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