Body Of Science Supporting Astaxanthin For Eye Fatigue Reaches Critical Mass

Mount Laurel, NJ, December 1, 2005 - Fuji Health Science, Inc. (, an American subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Toyama, Japan announced today that the body of scientific research on astaxanthin for the specific benefit area of eye fatigue and accommodation has significantly increased. There are now seven (7) published human clinical studies relating astaxanthin to this benefit. All 7 studies were performed using AstaREAL® natural astaxanthin produced by Fuji Chemical. The studies were performed at different universities between 1999 and 2005. Four of the clinical studies were published in 2005. These added to the previous three eye fatigue clinical studies which were published 2002 to 2004. An eighth study on eye fatigue using AstaREAL is currently in progress and others are planned. Fuji Chemical also has two pending patents relating to this area of application.

According to Charles DePrince, President of Fuji Health Science, Inc., "Up to this point and throughout the industry astaxanthin research has looked like a dart board with small, single studies probing hopeful areas. However, this critical mass of research for eye fatigue is the first well researched area for astaxanthin and typical of Fuji's commitment to the development of scientific data for this exceptional carotenoid."

Other areas of study on astaxanthin that Fuji is actively pursuing include diabetes and diabetic nephropathy, cardiovascular, weight management and metabolic syndrome. Fuji is the leading producer of natural astaxanthin for human nutritional use in the world with state of the art cultivation and production facilities in both Maui, Hawaii and Gustavsberg, Sweden. Fuji’s astaxanthin products, AstaREAL® and AstaCarox®, are approved for use in nutritional supplementation in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, as well as other markets worldwide. Fuji Chemical also holds patents for astaxanthin in application areas such as physical and muscle endurance, gastric health, immune system, and fertility.

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Yasuko Kuroda
Fuji Health Science, Inc.
tel: 856 234 3636 fax: 856 778 2297

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