Boku launches natural matcha green tea energy drink

Boku launches natural matcha green tea energy drink

Natural functionality is all the rage right now and it doesn't get much more natural than pure green tea. Boku's new Super Matcha Green Tea is a great alternative to sugar-laden energy drinks.

New Boku Super Matcha Green Tea is a proprietary, "whole leaf" powered blend of 100% USDA organic green teas from a unique micro-climate region in Japan. It's completely non-GMO, grown entirely without pesticides, and tested to ensure no contamination with fluoride, radiation, bacteria or heavy metals.

Artificial "energy" drinks and snacks laden with sugar, stimulants and fillers face competition as consumers reach for healthier, natural alternatives.  With recent studies pointing to the antioxidants in green tea as key in helping prevent cell damage that can lead to a wide variety of diseases, researchers are proving green tea's positive effect on a wide range  of health problems.  Lynn Rolle, Boku Super Food CEO, predicts as American consumers become more pro-active about their health, Matcha green tea will become the "go-to" energy drink and first line of defense to power immunity and fight sickness.   

"We've created the first-ever Matcha green tea proprietary blend, which maximizes functional ingredients like calming amino acids and powerful antioxidants, while also emphasizing Matcha's rich, unique and satisfying flavors; the result is a delicious, powerfully functional tea that naturally optimizes energy levels without typical caffeine jitters," says Rolle.

Long the secret weapon of the Samari, Ninjas and meditating Buddhist Monks, Matcha green tea is the finest tea in the world.   Translated as powdered green tea -- "ma" meaning powder, and "cha" meaning tea in Japanese, it is produced from shaded tea bushes and meticulously picked for the finest leaves.  After drying, the entire leaf is ground with a special granite wheel, to form a fine, jade-green powder that's added to hot water for drinking.  Since the whole tea leaf is ingested, a higher potency of healthy amino acids, catechins, antioxidants and chlorophyll is delivered compared to teabags only steeped in water. Unlike acidic coffee, Matcha green tea is alkalinizing and contains anti-bacterial properties that freshen breath and help prevent tooth decay.   

What makes proprietary Super Matcha Green Tea Super?

    * Matcha Green Tea has over 500% more antioxidants than goji berries by weight. It's one of the highest ORAC-value superfoods known to man.

    * Matcha Green Tea has roughly 10 times the nutritional potency of brewed green tea.

    * Matcha Green Tea is well known to boost mood, enhance concentration and improve cognitive function.

    * Matcha Green Tea is made using the "whole leaf" of the plant, so it's higher in chlorophyll, minerals and phytonutrients than teas only steeped in water.

    * Matcha Green Tea is a healthy caffeine replacement for coffee.

    * Matcha Green Tea is slowly stone-ground at very low temperatures. This helps leave its rich phytonutrients intact.

For more information about Boku Super Matcha Green Tea, visit 

About Boku International, LLC

Founded in 2007 by Lynn and Reno Rolle, and Headquartered in Ojai, California, BoKU® Super Food products are USDA certified Organic, Kosher and Vegan.  They are completely free of GMOs, fillers, wheat, dairy, soy and gluten and are 100% natural.  According to the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, "There is more nutrition in one tablespoon of BoKU® Super Food than the average person will consume in several days".

Boku manufactures a full line of the world's leading superfood products including  revolutionary BoKU® Super Protein powder, BoKU® Super Food,  BoKU® Super Food Bars, and has garnered numerous awards and thousands of loyal customers in 70 countries throughout the world.  BoKU® products are available online at, and at select medical wellness centers, spas and resorts.

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