BORBA signs distribution deals

BORBA signs distribution deals

BORBA, Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with Haralambos Beverage Company to sell its Skin Balance Waters in drug, grocery and convenience stores in Southern California.


BORBA, Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with Haralambos Beverage Company to sell its Skin Balance Waters in drug, grocery and convenience stores in Southern California, after announcing a nationwide partnership with Walgreens earlier this year. Finally, the innovative, beauty-enhancing waters will again be available to the masses.

BORBA is a nationally-sold skin care company with a full range of both topical and internal beauty products. In 2004, the company launched the first-of-its-kind beauty beverages in upscale department and beauty stores.  Each Skin Balance Water provides a unique skin care benefit. Clarifying with Pomegranate detoxifies and clears skin, Age Defying with Acai Berry helps reduce the look of wrinkles, Firming with Guanabana firms skin and promotes a sleeker silhouette, and Replenishing with Lychee hydrates and nourishes the body from head to toe.

In 2007, BORBA signed a global licensing agreement with Anheuser-Busch to distribute and promote its patent-pending beauty waters in traditional beverage channels. As part of that deal, A-B helped reformulate and repackage the beverages, and the company went on to win a BevNET Award in 2008 for best packaging design and an award in 2010 for Best New Functional Water by the Global Bottled Water Congress.  While expectations were high under the licensing partnership, BORBA and A-B parted ways shortly after the In-Bev acquisition.

BORBA now has a new focus, and has priced the waters more competitively to make them available to everyday customers. In January 2011, BORBA launched a new product lineup, including the waters and crystalline drink mix, Beautyceutical supplements, and an exclusive collection of topical products at Walgreens. On April 7, 2011, BORBA and Haralambos Beverage Company entered into a distribution agreement that includes all of the territory covered by Haralambos in Southern California. “It’s been a wild ride for us, but it’s great to see that our innovative beverage products continue to generate excitement and strong support from our retailer and distributor partners”, says Greg Sinderbrand, the company’s co-founder and Chief Operations Officer. BORBA’s plan is to focus on key markets for its beverage business, along with some large national chains. “While we get calls from retailers in virtually every state, we now need to take a step back and realize that we can’t be there for everyone just yet.  It’s going to take time and discipline, but we will get there.”

For more information about BORBA, please contact Olivia Porcello or Morgan Henry at blue sky communications (212.995.1777), at [email protected] or [email protected].

For distribution opportunities, contact [email protected]. For investment opportunities, contact Greg Sinderbrand at [email protected]  

About BORBA:

Beauty visionary Scott-Vincent Borba revolutionized the industry with his groundbreaking Inside/Out approach to skin care.  The BORBA brand represents the next generation in beauty with its family of products that include Skin Balance Waters, Cosmeceuticals and Beauticeutical Confections & Supplements. BORBA’s approach is simple and holistic: create synergistic products designed to work both internally and externally to achieve flawless, healthy and perfectly balanced skin.;

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