Borlind, Bioforce team up to launch skin care line in U.S.

Borlind, Bioforce team up to launch skin care line in U.S.

Bioforce USA has announced that DADO SENS has been introduced in the New York Metro area, and will be featured at Natural Products Expo in Baltimore in late September.


Bioforce USA has announced that DADO SENS, one of the fastest growing skin care lines in Germany, has been introduced in the New York Metro area this month, and will be featured at Natural Products Expo in Baltimore in late September.

DADO SENS is the first natural beauty line designed for woman with challenged skin; skin that is sensitive, reddened, or extremely dry and itchy, or prone to red patches and occasional blemishes, as well as aging mature skin.

DADO SENS is made by the Annemarie Borlind Company, known to have the world’s most advanced natural skin care and beauty products. They use only first pressings of botanicals and organically certified herbal ingredients to make natural products clinically proven to help millions of customers worldwide.

DADO SENS has been specially formulated by Borlind to address the needs of women who find that most skin care products are not quite enough to solve their special skin challenges on the face and body. DADO SENS has been formulated with pure botanical oils, natural waxes, thermal and deep spring water to balance and help skin regain its natural equilibrium. Challenged skin requires ingredients that are very mild and as natural as possible, as ingredients in many products such as fragrance, parabens, and synthetic colors can irritate sensitive skin. DADO SENS was developed in cooperation with a leading dermatologist and tested by independent institutes and dermatological studies.

According to Pierce Sioussat, President of Bioforce USA, “We have seen a growing need for this type of specialized skin care. After all, not every woman is born with perfect skin.” Sioussat goes on to say that, “Retailer feedback has also supported the need for the kind of help provided by DADO SENS as every retailer has customers seeking special care but few products in the natural category meet those needs.” In Germany, where DADO SENS originated, they found that almost 50% of the population had skin with special needs that were helped by the natural action of DADO SENS. “We felt it important to make these unique skin care products available to health conscious woman in the US,” said Sioussat

DADO SENS consists of: ExtroDerm for dehydrated, severely sensitive skin; ProBalance for extremely sensitive skin prone to allergies and irritations; PurDerm for skin prone to occasional blemishes; and RegenerationE, anti-aging care for dry, sensitive, mature skin.

DADO SENS is available in selected health food stores in the NY Metro area. There will be knowledgeable demo people in the stores offering samples, specials and information. In September DADO SENS will be introduced to Health Food Stores nationwide at the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore.


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