From the Brazilian Amazon – Surya Nature Introduces Amazonia Preciosa Hair Care

New York, New York (September 12, 2005) Brazilian company Surya Nature, Inc. introduces Amazonia Preciosa, a new premier line of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks imbibed with Brazilian Rain Forest plants, essential oils and vegetal oils rich in nutrients that help in the regeneration of hair and in the restoration of natural fat required to keep hair healthy and full of luster. The line does not contain: sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial coloring, artificial fragrance, parabens, GMOs or solvents. Each of the gentle formulas contains essential oil from the bark of the Preciosa tree that provides a unique experience that doesn’t occur with other plants in nature: its natural fragrance is incapable of being reproduced even in the most sophisticated laboratories. According to Clelia Angelon, President of Surya Nature, “We created a totally new sensory experience through these five different shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. In addition, the Preciosa essential oil is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Andiroba essential oil is certified by the Brazilian Wildlife Protection Agency to ensure environmental responsibility.”

Due to the nature of the seeds and plants taken from the Amazon, the company has entered into a special cooperative venture that supports the mandatory sustainable harvesting of all Brazilian raw materials. This relationship with the Amazon residents preserves not only the forests but also the survival of its inhabitants who make their living collecting in a sustainable manner. Adds Clelia, “Our botanist, Daniela Vidalenc, now lives in the Amazon Forest and participates in this wonderful project. This is the best that Brazil has to offer from a Brazilian company with values that preserve our country’s future.”

The Amazonia Preciosa line includes a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask in these five categories:

  • Ucuuba & Vegetal Protein for curly and fragile hair
  • Brazil Nut & Vegetal Protein for dry and damaged hair
  • Cupuaçu & Vegetal Protein for normal and straight hair
  • Buriti & Vegetal Protein for dyed and damaged hair
  • Murumuru & Vegetal Protein for oily hair

Surya Nature is the U.S. branch of the Vedic Hindus Company, which has been operating successfully in Brazil for over 25 years supplying cosmetics founded on a vision of internal beauty. As part of its mission, Surya Nature embraces the Ayurvedic principle: Know how to live in harmony with nature and oneself using elements that do not harm the body. The company manufactures high quality henna hair color, Brazilian hair care and all-plant temporary tattoos for the beauty supply, professional and natural products markets. Surya Henna products are available at health food stores, pharmacies, beauty supply outlets and other fine stores throughout the United States. For more information, call 877.997.8792 or see


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