Breakthrough Low Glycemic-Soy/Flax Functional Snack

Margaret's Kitchen Caramel Soy-Flax Chews™, are a delicious breakthrough in functional food taste and benefits. This entirely new product is an all-natural, diabetic tolerant, nutritious snack that is hand made with a proprietary process. Caramel Soy-Flax Chews are hand made with some of the industry's most unique, science based ingredients and packaged for maximum shelf visibility.

The ingredients include a patented super charged soy germ concentrate, with more nutritional value than whole soy providing an excellent source of isoflavones and amino acids. Chews are sweetened using a patented all natural, gluten-free, sweetener that is a superior blend of natural, low glycemic complex carbohydrates and is clinically proven to metabolize slowly in the body supporting steady blood glucose levels for two hours or more. This sweetener was developed to be diabetic tolerant.

Caramel Soy-Flax Chews also contain roasted unsalted soy nuts, natural peanut butter and natural flavorings. Together, these ingredients can help support healthy cholesterol levels stabilize blood sugar levels and maximize energy over an extended period of time. They come in three extraordinary flavors, Original Caramel Soy-Flax Chews, Chocolate Caramel Soy-Flax Chews and White Yogurt Caramel Soy- Flax Chews.

Margaret's unique recipe incorporates vital principles of balanced nutrition with an ideal ratio of complex carbohydrates, proteins to fats. Caramel Soy-Flax Chews are an excellent source of complete protein and low glycemic complex carbohydrates, isoflavones and omega-3 fatty acids essential for cell repair and hormonal balance. Each serving contains 52mg of Isoflavones, 1440mg omega-3 fatty acids, 3.5g soy protein delivering 6g total proteins.

Caramel Soy-Flax Chews contain no hydrogenated oils or trans-fatty acids, no protein isolates, no chemical additives, preservatives, flavor maskers or high fructose corn syrup that can cause blood sugar peaks and valleys.

For more information about Caramel Soy-Flax Chews™ visit

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