Breakthrough Ordering System Introduced in Anaheim

SARASOTA, FL - After years of development in natural product stores, Living Naturally's Scan Genius order system is being unveiled at Expo West in Anaheim. The Living Naturally system brings to the industry the only end-to-end solution where suppliers are able to promote their products to both retailers and consumers electronically, as well as facilitate electronic ordering between themselves and retailers.

With Living Naturally's Scan Genius system, retailers use a handheld scanner to order their entire store, from direct as well as distributed manufacturers. The system works regardless of whether the supplier is currently receiving fax, e-mail or electronic orders and it automates order processing for retailers and manufacturers with minimal investment. Services are scaleable based on particular needs.

Nature's Best, the third largest distributor in the industry, has given its support to Living Naturally for a database partnership project and branded ordering program. Nature's Best will participate by providing access to 18,000 grocery and perishable food items from over 600 manufacturers that are carried in their warehouse, and will facilitate the development of rich text database and ongoing relationships between Living Naturally and those manufacturers. Nature's Best and their manufacturer vendors expect to see greater retailer and consumer satisfaction with 24/7 availability of product descriptions, pictures, ingredients, nutritional information and more effective store layout and merchandising planning.

"This order solution is unique because of the way in which it benefits every part of the natural products industry," said Mike Rapport, Living Naturally's Vice President of Sales. "Consumers get access to much better product information on our web sites and at natural product stores. Retailers see as much as a 50% reduction in time spent ordering along with greatly improved order accuracy. Manufacturers benefit through immediate access to new customers, more informed sales people, larger orders and reduced time spent on order processing."

Founded in 1999, Living Naturally is the leading provider of technology services to natural product retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Services include natural product retailer web sites, manufacturer marketing services and product order systems. The firm is headquartered in Sarasota. Retailers, manufacturers and distributors interested in Living Naturally's services should call 1-800-360-2231 or e-mail [email protected] Living Naturally will be in Booth 1907 at Expo West in Anaheim in March 2002.

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