Breakthrough in science at TIC Gums

Breakthrough in science at TIC Gums

TicaPAN proved that replacing gum arabic while reducing sugar content and the price of panned confections without any loss in functionality was possible.


The headline said it all. "American Gum Arabic Replacer Invades Europe." As reported in the "Food Manufacturer.Co.UK", it was the British invasion in reverse for the food scientist who was the project manager responsible for the invention of TicaPAN™ 311, Mauren Akins.  When reading the headline Akins exclaimed, "I feel like The Beatles". Maureen is probably the only food scientists anywhere who will ever say this, know the feeling or have the opportunity to make such a statement.  Science is changing food development and consumer experiences. The Beatles changed music and the way fans participate in performances. The Fab Four proved that it was possible to write, record and perform music that was memorable if not transformational. TicaPAN proved that replacing gum arabic while reducing sugar content and the price of panned confections without any loss in functionality was possible. Musicians and scientists are only limited by the scope of their imaginations. 

Getting Better

Development of the invading product started when a replacement for gum arabic in the confection market was identified as a need. Invented in the labs of TIC Gums in White Marsh, MD. marketing and sales of TicaPAN started in the U.S. during 2011. It was introduced to European confectioners during the ProSWEETS 2012 Expo in Cologne, Germany in late January of 2012. This was the very first time TIC Gums has exhibited in Europe and was the first formal launch of a product there. 


The TicaPAN 311 coating system for coated gum, nuts and chocolate covered candy is a drop in, 1:1 replacement for gum arabic. It costs 20% less than gum arabic and is not subject to supply chain constraints as it is manufactured in the U.K. for the European market and Maryland for the Americas.

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Functionally, TicaPAN 311 will bind sugar and sugar alcohol syrups in confection coating and panning applications with performance that is comparable or superior to that of traditional gum arabic. TicaPAN 311 will make the outer shell of coated gum, the hard surface of a jelly bean, cake decorations or chocolate covered nuts or malted milk balls crunchy plus seal and protect air sensitive oils from rancidity caused by oxidation.

It's Just Another Day

On the surface, food scientists and rock stars do not have much in common. The food scientists of the world do not perform to screaming arenas full of fans. Instead they perform for focus groups, tasters and testers recruited from cubicles and conference rooms to help answer the question, "how does this taste?" 

Get Back

With the success of their appearance at ProSWEETS in 2012, TIC Gums is already making plans to return to the show in 2013. New inventions and applications of TicaPAN are expected. The next one might be "Sargent Akins Crunchy Heart Shaped TicaPAN."

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