Breakthrough Soy/Flax Functional Snack Introduced at Natural Products ExpoWest Huge Success

Boxborough, MA (March 11, 2002) - Mai's Foods/Margaret's Kitchen introduced Caramel Soy-Flax Chews™, a breakthrough in functional food taste and benefits, at the Natural Products ExpoWest in Anaheim, California on March 8-10. As one of the few new and innovative products available, industry retailers, brokers and distributors eagerly responded to the introduction of this breakthrough food.

This delicious, all natural, nutritious snack is hand made with a proprietary process, and packaged for maximum shelf visibility. Caramel Soy Flax Chews represent the collaboration of suppliers of some of the Natural Product Industry's most unique, science based ingredients with some of the Industry's most experienced brand marketing and nutrition science professionals.

The ingredients that make up Caramel Soy-Flax Chews™ are at the same time simple and elegant, blending taste and science in a unique harmony of good eating and healthy benefits.

These include SoyLife®, a patented soy germ concentrate (400 pounds of soy make one pound of SoyLife®), Canadian flax seed meal, EnergySmart® (a patented all natural, gluten-free, sweetener), Fruitrim® (an all natural, gluten-free ingredient used to extend shelf life in finished food products) roasted unsalted soy nuts and natural peanut butter, plus natural flavorings. There are no chemical additives and no preservatives.

Caramel Soy-Flax Chews™ incorporates vital principles of nutrition, starting with LOW GLYCEMIC CARBOHYDRATES that help stabilize blood sugar levels and maximize energy over an extended period of time. The product contains no high fructose corn syrup that can cause blood sugar peaks and valleys and lead to insulin resistance. With only 12 grams of low-glycemic EnergySmart® sweetener and a superior blend of natural carbohydrates, Caramel Soy-Flax Chews™ stand alone in delivering a better energy source with a truly gourmet taste.

Caramel Soy-Flax Chews™ are a unique combination of exceptional ingredients, harnessing the nutritional power of soy and flax in a totally new way.

SoyLife®, a key ingredient, is made from the germ of soy and has a unique nutritional profile that includes 40% soy protein, 16% fatty acids, 25% carbohydrates, 5% minerals and 4% saponins. Together, these compounds support a healthy cholesterol level and support the immune system. SoyLife® also provides up to 25 mg of isoflavones per gram of SoyLife®. This high quality soy protein with complete amino acids helps lean muscle to recover and repair and normalize immune function. SoyLife® and soy nuts together make the product an unequalled source of soy nutrition and benefits.

Incorporating the benefits of flax was so vital to the overall value of Caramel Soy/Flax Chews™, that Margaret Tsao, founder of Margaret's Kitchen, developed a proprietary process for incorporating the highest quality flaxseed that eliminates the problems of rancidity normally associated with flax. In doing this, Margaret has made Caramel Soy-Flax Chews™ a delicious, convenient way to enhance dietary Omega-3 fatty acid levels. With 95% of the population deficient in Omega-3 essential fats, these delicious snacks take on an even greater degree of nutritional importance.

Key to Caramel Soy-Flax Chews™ superior taste and functionality is EnergySmart®, a patented all natural, unrefined, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), Circle U Kosher, Parve, GMO free sweetener. EnergySmart® is made by physically bonding fruit juice (not concentrate) to complex carbohydrates from whole grains. EnergySmart® is clinically proven to metabolize slowly in the human body supporting steady blood glucose levels for two hours or more. EnergySmart® does not cause a reactive-hypoglycemic event. EneregySmart® was developed to be suitable for diabetics. Fruitrim® is a humectant which keep products moist while avoiding elevated water activity in a food product. This results in a moist chewy product with less potential to support microbial growth.

THE 60-20-20 ratio of carbohydrate to protein to fat in these snacks is key to its positive effect in supporting increased energy, fat metabolism, muscle recovery, mental clarity and hormonal function. The combination of essential fatty acids from soy and flax provide the body with important building blocks necessary to achieve and maintain hormonal balance. No potentially harmful hydrogenated oils or trans-fatty acids are found in any of Margaret's products!

Margaret's Kitchen founder, Margaret Tsao, was going through menopause several years ago. She began doing research for an alternative to standard Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to avoid the negative side effects of synthetic hormones. Through extensive research she found soy and flaxseed were two of nature's highest sources of plant estrogen and Omega-3 fatty acids. Being an excellent cook, and working with some of the leading experts in the field of nutrition, Margaret set out to develop a recipe that would use both soy and flax, taste good, be convenient, and use only whole, natural ingredients without flavor maskers, additives or preservatives.

After 2 yrs of research and experimentation, Margaret realized her chews could not be made by traditional mass production methods. The ingredients require the product to be made by hand the old fashioned way. This is more in line with Margaret's commitment to quality over quantity. She finally succeeded with the Caramel Soy-Flax and Mai's Foods/Margaret's Kitchen was born.

Margaret is dedicated to creating whole food products that not only taste good, but also are nutritionally beneficial. Margaret has targeted products to the nutrition, sports nutrition, healthy snack and meal replacement markets as well as the gourmet snack categories.

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Caramel Soy/Flax Chews™ is a registered trademark of Mai's Foods/Margaret's Kitchen.

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The Holmes Organization
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Laguna Beach, CA

Mai's Foods/Margaret's Kitchen
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Boxborough, MA 0719
fax 978-263-6465 

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