Bridge Brands Chocolate expands line

Bridge Brands Chocolate expands line

Bridge Brands Chocolate is adding three new products to their popular got milk? chocolate product line at the Chicago All Candy Show. These new products include got milk? Chocolate Lip Balm, got milk? Chocolate Mints and got milk? Chocolate Mini Bites.

Bridge Brands Chocolate™, also known as The San Francisco Chocolate Factory™, is adding three new products to their popular got milk? chocolate product line at the Chicago All Candy Show.

These new products include got milk? Chocolate Lip Balm, got milk? Chocolate Mints and got milk? Chocolate Mini Bites. The suggested MSRP for the got milk? Chocolate Lip Balm is $2.99 for a .15 oz tube (18 tube displays), $.50 for got milk? Chocolate Mini Bites in a 9g flow-wrapped bar (50 bar displays), and $1.50 for got milk? Chocolate Mints in convenient 1 oz tins (24 pack displays). All products are packaged with the wildly popular cow spotted design.

“Our customers have let us known that they want more of our most popular product line: “got milk?” and we are pleased to provide these fun new items. While we are doing our part by responding to consumer demand and health trends by providing healthy chocolate choices and a lip balm that tastes good and is good for you; We also expect our new smaller chocolate bites and mints to be flying off store shelves soon,” said Bridge Brands Chocolate Founder and CEO, Mike Litton.

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This 2011 - Don’t skip the chocolate: Chocolate is good for you!

According to a study commissioned by the International Cocoa Association: “There is evidence of the cardiovascular benefits of cocoa. These benefits are not only due to the fats in cocoa (cocoa butter), but, even more importantly, because cocoa beans contain a large number of phytochemicals. These are physiologically active compounds found in plants, for example grapes, apple, tea, fruits, vegetables, etc. One group of these compounds is called flavonoids. There is a growing body of evidence about the health benefits of cocoa flavonoids.

They are powerful anti-oxidants and are believed to help the body’s cells resist damage by free radicals, which are formed by numerous processes including when the body’s cells utilize oxygen for energy. Laboratory and human studies have indicated that cocoa flavonoids can inhibit the oxidation of the low-density lipoprotein (LDL-cholesterol) associated with heart disease. There is also emerging evidence, which suggests that cocoa and chocolate may be able to contribute to reducing the risk of certain types of cancer. This beneficial property also originates from the phytochemicals in cocoa, other than flavonoids.

Chocolate consumption has also been reported to reduce the effects of Chronic Fatigue syndrome, reduce blood pressure and keep your heart healthier, according to a recent article derived from a presentation on

The research, the latest which correlates eating flavonoid-rich foods with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (1), was presented in February at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's (AAAS) annual meeting in Boston. Eating flavonoid rich foods is believed to add life to your years and years to your life.

About Us

Bridge Brands Chocolate™ was created to provide chocolate lovers with gourmet-quality, superbly packaged chocolate at a non-gourmet price. Since debuting as The San Francisco Chocolate Factory in 1999, Bridge Brands Chocolate™ has become a favorite with chocolate lovers nationwide.

Why Bridge Brands?

One of the greatest bridges between two hearts is chocolate, so we’ve chosen Bridge Brands Chocolate™ as our new name. Chocolate is proven to be good for the heart and good for the soul—it creates a stir of passion and evokes love. Chocolate can erase a bad day or a bad deed in an instant. As we at Bridge Brands Chocolate™ like to say: Love thy neighbor, and bring them chocolate, often!

Known for our unique, custom packaged gourmet chocolates, Bridge Brands Chocolate’s™ many different brands—now bridged together under one great company—offer a chocolate opportunity for everyone.

From our Tea, Coffee and Wine Lover’s Chocolates, to the souvenir Landmark Collection, the kid friendly got milk? chocolate series to our easy on-the-go Chocolate by Numbers, you’ll find gourmet chocolates perfect for every day and for special occasions. Give Bridge Brands Chocolate™ as a gift to each “special someone” in your life—but make sure to order some extra chocolate for yourself!

Bridge Brands Chocolate’s™ sales have rapidly expanded beyond the shores of the Bay Area—thanks to the many visitors who bring the beautiful chocolate tins home as souvenirs... the chocolates are so delicious, people call desperate to order more!

Bridge Brands Chocolate™ is an active participant in the San Francisco Bay Area Community. We often provide donations of chocolate to worthy causes to help with fundraising efforts. A few of our most recent donations have gone to valuable community organizations like: City of Dreams, The UCSF Blood Center, The San Francisco Department of the Environment, The Hungry Owl Project, San Francisco Gay Pride, Support for Families with Disabilities, The Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center, Metropolitan Fresh Start House, The Bay Institute, The United Way, The San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, and The California Film Institute.

Visit The San Francisco Chocolate Factory Boutique

The San Francisco Chocolate Factory Boutique, located in San Francisco’s SOMA district, is a unique destination designed to fulfill all of your chocolate desires. The intimate atmosphere of the Boutique is a perfect backdrop for the exclusive products displayed on its shelves. The Boutique features the products made by Bridge Brands™ including our signature San Francisco Landmark tins, Wine Lover’s and Coffee Lover’s Collections, decadent Earthquake Cakes and their Fair Trade Certified line, GAIA Organic Chocolate, all offered at 10% off the already reasonable suggested retail prices. We also proudly offer a wide selection of scrumptious treats from the best local and international chocolatiers, including hand made toffees, truffles and specialty bars. Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 12-5:00 p.m.

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