Briland Brands launches PaleoTrim weight loss formula

Briland Brands launches PaleoTrim weight loss formula

Based on the Palaeolithic diet, PaleoTrim aims to make weight loss plain, simple and healthy.

Briland Brands LLC announced its new all natural weight loss product marketed under the brand name PaleoTrim™.

The product is a combination of several all-natural ingredients, all of which have been featured on prominent health and wellness TV shows or described in various medical journals for their effect on weight loss and general health.

"PaleoTrim was developed as a catalyst for people seeking to lose weight, plain and simple," says Erin Jackson, marketing director for Briland Brands.

Continuing, "Many weight loss products on the market today contain unnatural, medicinal ingredients. Others consist of only one natural ingredient. PaleoTrim is the result of our effort to combine several proven, natural ingredients into one weight loss pill. Combined with exercise and a well-balanced diet of healthy, natural foods, research has shown that each natural extract within PaleoTrim helps to increase energy and promote weight loss."

Briland Brands' inspiration for PaleoTrim comes from the Paleo Diet. The Paleolithic diet focuses on consuming the natural foods our ancestors depended on for survival for 2.5 million years. Arguably, human bodies are still genetically adapted to the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors. Therefore, Briland Brands believes that the ideal diet for modern humans should resemble our ancestral diet of natural foods. The extracts of these natural foods contain energizing and fat-burning qualities, many of which have been incorporated into PaleoTrim.

“Briland Brands has several other natural supplements currently in research and development with plans to launch them soon—stay tuned!” Jackson adds.

The manufacturer's retail price for PaleoTrim is $49.95 and the product will be available through all participating Briland Brands distributors and retail outlets, as well as online at

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