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Broccoli Extract Studies Available on Web

(August 15, 2006) – Literally hundreds of studies on broccoli extract have indicated numerous benefits in maintaining optimum health, but without subscribing to a dozen journals, where does one find it? Much of the research from respected doctors, nutritionists and pharmacologists published on the positive beneficial effects of broccoli’s active component glucoraphanin and its hydrolyzed product sulforphane is available on the web site

The web site was designed to enable health professionals to review research pertaining to broccoli extract, however, access is not restricted. Although many of the studies indicate broccoli is chemoprotective, numerous other health benefits are thought to include the areas of inflammation, eye health, cardiovascular, and other antioxidant functions. The site is easy to maneuver, with various areas of research clearly delineated.

CS Health CEO Dan Caudill said “we believe strongly in the health benefits of glucoraphanin and its protective activity. Since the vast body of science speaks for itself, making it readily available via the web site has been a priority for us.”

CS Health is a division of CSC, Inc., which has employed traditional breeding techniques to develop varieties of broccoli exceptionally rich in the ground-breaking detoxifier and antioxidant glucoraphanin,. The company’s efforts have resulted in patent pending production and extraction techniques, which ensure the stability of broccoli’s active constituents. The company’s high quality proprietary ingredient sgs™ assures a verified amount of glucoraphanin because of controlled-environment breeding and meticulous handling. More than 300 research publications underscore this whole food material's health benefits.

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