Buckton Scott Named US Distributor of Enzymotec’s Innovative Health Ingredients

Fairfield, New Jersey-- Leo Cullen, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Buckton Scott Nutrition, Inc., announces the company’s appointment as the U.S. distributor for Enzymotec’s lines of innovative health ingredients which address the most pressing health concerns of modern times, ranging from quality of life issues for seniors to the health and development of infants and children.

Enzymotec is an Israel-based developer and producer of innovative products that deliver unique and superior health benefits to the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical markets.

carDiabeat: focused on heart health and quality of life of diabetics

Enzymotec’s carDiabeat is an innovative concept in the improvement of the heart-health and quality of life of diabetics. While the main health concerns of diabetics are usually focused on glucose management, carDiabeat addresses the unique heart-health needs of diabetics, whose metabolic condition induces serious cardiovascular disorders that are significantly more acute than disorders in people without diabetes. carDiabeat is believed to simultaneously deliver multiple layers of heart-health. It helps reduce blood levels of lipids such as cholesterol and, even more importantly for diabetics, triglycerides. In addition, it fights oxidative stress, one of the major heart-risk factors of diabetics, and inhibits their atherosclerotic cascade. carDiabeat also protects and assists in maintaining the natural protection mechanisms of the body. It is based on a proprietary, clinically proven unique combination of structured active lipids, including an exclusive Omega-3 delivery system. Some carDiabeat products also include Phosphatidylserine, which addresses the cognitive decline often associated with diabetes.

carDiabeat is ideal for a variety of dietary supplements and can be easily used to create functional foods.

InFat, for infant formulas and other products for infants and toddlers

Enzymotec is developing a range of innovative ingredients aimed at improving the health and development of infants and toddlers. One of the approaches is directed at creating ingredients that would make infant nutrition closer to mother’s milk. InFat is the first of these ingredients to be launched by Enzymotec. InFat is a structured fat which mimics the unique structure and properties of breast milk fat, making it ideal for infant formulas and suited to other infant and toddler nutrition products. This structure is responsible for optimized intake of calcium and energy, ensuring the healthy development of non-breast fed infants.

Phosphatidylserine (PS), a natural brain nutrient to improve brain health

Other product lines target brain health. These include Phosphatidylserine (PS), a natural brain nutrient, proven to improve cognitive function and enhance various brain activities in all age groups. It is derived from soybean phospholipids. Studies indicate that it may help repair and maintain brain tissues and neuronal membranes as well as improve memory impairment, concentration, learning and short-term memory. In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration allows the health claims that PS may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction and reduce the risk of dementia in the elderly. It is available in different grades, ranging from 20% to 70%, and comes in both liquid and powder forms. PS can be used in softgel capsules and tablets as well as in a variety of functional foods. Enzymotec’s expertise enables its customers to obtain the exact PS based product they need, as well as provide innovative solutions in the development of unique end-products.

These products are representative of Enzymotec’s core competencies in developing and producing innovative lipid-based health ingredients backed by a high standard of scientific evidence.

In making the announcement, Mr. Cullen stated, “We’re pleased to add these important products to our roster of health ingredients. We want our customers to know that we can work with them to incorporate innovative, high quality, and clinically proven ingredients in their formulations.”

More information about these products can be found at www.enzymotec.com or by calling Buckton Scott Nutrition at 973-882-0322.


Buckton Scott Nutrition Inc. is the U.S. office of the Buckton Scott Group, which is headquartered in Essex, England. The company has offices in South America, Germany and China. Buckton Scott has been sourcing and supplying raw materials for over 30 years. The company’s products include amino acids, pharmaceuticals, botanical extracts, essential oils, natural supplements, vitamins and intermediates. Buckton Scott supports a wider range of customers, large and small, with the products and information they need to compete in today’s markets.

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