Burrill & Company/University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Announce 'Idea to IPO ... and Beyond' - a Unique Course

SAN FRANCISCO, March 26 -- G. Steven Burrill and Burrill & Company, a San Francisco-based life sciences merchant bank, together with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), announced today a unique course being taught at UCSF to the PhD and MD candidates by G. Steven Burrill entitled "Idea to IPO ... and Beyond." This "one of a kind" course is bringing to the UCSF campus experts from around the world who can contribute to building important new companies being spun-out of UCSF. "As a major focus for the new Mission Bay campus, UCSF is building linkages to the private sector and seeks to stimulate the creation of new companies," said Regis Kelly, Vice Chancellor. "We're honored to have a person of Steve Burrill's caliber with the time and energy to help build this world-class program at UCSF," added Kelly.

This is the third year Burrill has taught this course. It is the first time the course will be available to the general public. Inquiries should be made to Katherine T. Moortgat, Ph.D., Director of UCSF's Center for BioEntrepreneurship at [email protected].

"This ten week course takes the students from the idea to creation of a successful company. The end result should not only be effective learning, but also some new companies," commented G. Steven Burrill, CEO of Burrill & Company. "It's exciting to stimulate the entrepreneurial capability in exciting science minds and help build new companies which can solve some of mankind's greatest human healthcare needs."

"UCSF has spawned over 60 new companies in the last dozen years and this course should stimulate the creation of even more," said Regis Kelly. "And, it's part of a larger initiative at UCSF to increase the business skills of its health science based programs," Kelly continued.


The University of California, San Francisco is one of the world's premier universities in the health sciences -- dedicated to higher education, scientific research, patient care, and public service. UCSF is the only campus in the 10-campus UC system that is devoted exclusively to the health sciences, and its Schools of Dentistry, Nursing, Medicine, and Pharmacy and the Graduate Division all rank among the nation's most prestigious advanced study programs. Three faculty have won Nobel prizes, and UCSF ranks fourth in the country in research funding from the National Institutes of Health.

UCSF's pioneering research discoveries and the scientists behind them have launched over 60 California biotechnology companies, including the industry giants Genentech and Chiron, and other growing companies such as Exelixis, Cytokinetics, and Onyx Pharmaceuticals. UCSF-launched companies provide almost 70% of the jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area's biotechnology industry. UCSF's the Center for BioEntrepreneurship is bringing together training, networking, and other resources for UCSF's entrepreneurial life scientists.

Burrill & Company

Burrill & Company is a life sciences merchant bank, focused exclusively on companies involved in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, human healthcare and related medical technologies, wellness and nutraceuticals, agricultural technologies, and biomaterials/bioprocesses.

Venture Capital

The Burrill family of venture capital funds, with over $415 million under management, includes the Burrill Biotechnology Capital Fund, the Burrill Diagnostics Fund, the Burrill Agbio Capital Fund and its successor -- the Burrill Agbio Capital Fund II, the Burrill Nutraceuticals Capital Fund, the Burrill Biomaterials/Bioprocess Capital Fund and the Burrill Life Sciences Capital Fund.

Strategic Partnering

Burrill & Company assists life science companies to identify, negotiate and close strategic partnerships providing access to resources, technologies or collaborations essential for executing their business plans.

Spin-outs/Spin-ins -- Burrill & Company works with major life
science companies to spin-out internal assets and capitalize on
their value, ranging from the outright sale of products or
businesses to creation of new companies to exploit these assets. We
also use our extensive network to help companies identify, assess
and capture ("spin-in") products and companies strategic to building
their businesses.
BioStreet(TM) -- Burrill & Company's BioStreet(TM) is an
internet-based life sciences transaction service which enhances
dealmaking capabilities by offering a broad range of services
designed to streamline and facilitate deals. BioStreet combines the
efficient distribution power of the worldwide web with the
scientific skills and strategic relationships necessary for
concluding successful transactions.

We have completed more than 25 strategic partnerships with a value in excess of $1.5 billion.

For more information, please visit Burrill & Company's website at www.burrillandco.com.

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