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Business-to-Business Relationship Survey

Maintaining existing business relationships is generally considered preferable to identifying and developing new customers. Intuitively, successful businesses would agree that keeping a customer loyal involves delivery of a deliver a quality product and service at a reasonable price over the long term, to build trust, satisfaction and committed customers. However, which factors are more important within your industry and how do these factors interact in developing loyal customers?

The objective of the following industry survey is to measure the relationships between the various factors that influence loyalty in business to business situations. The findings from the survey will be posted on the NPIcenter web site. If the results are positive then a follow up study is planned to identify how suppliers compare to each other on various factors.

In order for the study to be successful, we require approximately 10 minutes of your time to complete the survey available on-line at

The survey is being conducted by a Ph.D. student from the Odette School of Business, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. A number of NPIcenter subscribers recently met with the student to test the survey and provide input into its design.

As an incentive to complete the survey there will be a draw for a gift certificate ($150 US value) which is equivalent to an average hotel stay at the Las Vegas Hilton or other Vegas hotel – in time for the next convention in Las Vegas.

Please complete the enclosed survey and enter in the draw for the gift certificate. You could be a winner of the draw and the industry will obtain valuable information about maintaining B2B relationships.

Please encourage your B2B customers to complete the survey as well. While the responses are confidential the combined information will make the results more specific to your business. Also, the additional data will assist in the statistical analysis. To complete the analysis 600 respondents are required.

Start the survey:

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