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Business Insights Introduces New Report - 'Key Trends in Nutraceutical Food and Drinks - Novel ingredients, new applications and future revenue opportunities'

Key Trends in Nutraceutical Food and Drinks is a new management report published by Business Insights that provides an in-depth analysis of the regional and global trends in the healthy ingredients sector and the current state of the science behind their efficacy. Utilizing an analysis of over 10,000 products, this report details practical examples of current ingredient applications, where the future ingredient opportunities may lie and how to exploit them. This report enables you to direct your marketing and NPD strategies to a particular health trend and avoid those ingredients with little or no scientific credibility.

Summary Points Include:

Weight control

Dairy and bakery and cereals are the leading categories in the weight loss trend with NPD growth of 34% and 35%, respectively, between 2002 and 2006.

Blood sugar

North America is the most innovative region in products that claim to aid with blood sugar levels or are targeted at diabetics, with 38.5% of all blood sugar products launched in the region in 2006.

Digestive health and allergies

The largest markets for digestive health products in 2005 were the US, with a value of $507m and Germany, with a value of $385m.

Joint and bone health

Sales of bone health food and drinks are expected to grow by 30% between
2005 and 2010 in Europe and the US, and the total market is expected to be worth $5.2bn by 2010.

Cognitive health and energy

The cognitive function trend shows the greatest growth of new product launches in the bakery and cereals category, increasing by 218% between 2002 and 2006. North America is the most innovative region for products that claim to promote cognitive health and energy food and drinks. In 2006, 44% of all energy food and drinks were launched in the region, and 46% of cognitive health food and drinks.

Aging and cosmeceuticals

Asia-Pacific is the most innovative region, with 58.6% of all cosmeceutical products launched in the region in 2006.

Cardiovascular health

North America is the most innovative region in the cholesterol lowering trend, with 46.4% of all cholesterol reduction products launched in the region in 2006. 28.6% of all blood pressure lowering products was launched in North America in the same period.

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