Cactus Botanics Leads in Drafting Quality Standards for Fucoidan Content

August 29,2005- Shanghai, China - Dr. Zhang of Cactus Botanics Limited recently participated in a meeting, along with Dr. Song, a member of the Chinese Academy of Science, where discussions were held to determine manufacturing standards for the production and testing of Fucoidan to determine its quality.

All parties present agreed on a draft Quality Control document, which is currently under careful translation into English. When complete, the document will be available upon request to Cactus Botanicals' international customers to allow them to choose their source of material appropriately. The document includes test methds including chemical and GC.

In order to request this standard for Fucoidan, please contact [email protected]. (Please note that this document will only be released to those evaluated as qualified customers for Cactus Botanics.)

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