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Cactus Botanics' Products Now Kosher Certified

Carol Cheow, General Manager of Cactus Botanics, has announced that the botanical extracts they produce obtained Kosher certification by KOF-K.

A KOF-K Rabbinic representative visited Cactus Botanics' China Operation Center and subsequently announced that the company’s facility is well organized, according to Cheow. “They are pleased to give our products this certification because our production and service processes completely conform to Kosher law.”

According to its website, the KOF-K maintains an international network of regional coordinators and Rabbinic representatives, all of whom are strictly Orthodox in their personal practice and synagogue affiliation. Regional coordinators are based in major American cities, Canada, South and Central America, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and Israel. They conduct frequent visits to major manufacturers and their suppliers at every location where Kosher supervision is needed. Each product or service under KOF-K Supervision is carefully monitored by regional coordinators, field supervisors and the staff at KOF-K headquarters.

The KOF-K emblem is the internationally recognized trademark of KOF-K Kosher Supervision, one of the foremost Kosher certification agencies in the United States.

Only those products and services meeting the strictest standards of Kosher law are permitted to display the symbol, which is protected under Federal law against unauthorized use. “Obtaining certification from KOF-K is another step in proving to our customers that we are serious about outstanding quality and integrity of our ingredients,” says Cheow. “We hope this certification helps our customers and potential customers to feel confident in working with our team both in China and in our U.S. branch.”

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