Caffeine Expert to Release 'Life Without Caffeine'

Author Marina Kushner explores history of caffeine and its effects

(Tuesday, January 6, 2004) – Marina Kushner, President of Soy Coffee LLC, makers of the popular coffee substitute Soyfee, announced today the January 23, 2004 release of her new book titled, Life Without Caffeine: How Eliminating Caffeine Can Save Your Life.

As the founder of National Caffeine Awareness Month, recognized in March via events staged across the country, Ms. Kushner is an authority on caffeine and the detrimental effects it has on the body and mind. Life Without Caffeine, published by SCR Publications, explores the historical and social impact of the drug throughout the ages while offering healthy alternatives to its usage.

"Caffeine has been linked to serious health problems, as well as productivity issues," says Kushner from her Brooklyn, New York home. "We realize the importance of having healthy citizens, and how the effects of caffeine can hurt a person’s overall health and well-being."

Caffeine overdoses can lead to headaches, jitteriness, irritability, difficulties in concentration, and mood swings which drain productivity from business and industry. In addition, caffeine consumption is linked to heart disease, pancreas and bladder cancer, hypoglycemia and central nervous system disorders.

A reformed coffee drinker, Kushner became aware of the risks of caffeine use which led to her development of Soyfee, a coffee substitute made from organic soybeans. "I enjoy drinking coffee and went looking for a healthy alternative. With all the interest in soy, an organically grown soybean product seemed like a real winner," says Kushner. Experimenting with a variety of roasting techniques to create the best blend of aroma and taste, her Soyfee coffee substitute is offered in 8 different flavors and contains all the health benefits one would associate with soy. "Our product is unique in that our customers can actually munch on the coffee grounds after the coffee is brewed,. The grounds are perfectly healthy, and contain all the health benefits of soy with nothing lost in the brewing or roasting process."

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