Call For Science Papers to Award $10,000 Cash to Researcher

New Science Expected to Drive Novel Product Development

Irving, Texas – January 31, 2007: The International Aloe Science Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the Aloe industry, has called for Scientific Research papers for its 2007 Yun-Ho Lee Merit Award. 2006 submissions and presentations included human clinical trial outcomes addressing Aloe vera and Bioavailability of Vitamins C and B12; Case Reports of Bedsores Using Aloe vera Gel Powder with High Molecular Weight; and the Effects of Aloe vera gel with inflammatory bowel disease.

The most recent winner of the Yun-Ho Lee Merit Award, Dr. Warren J. Goux, representing the University of Texas at Dallas, proudly delivered his paper entitled "Chemical Characterization of the Immunomodulating Polysaccharide of Aloe vera L." Dr. Goux’s paper was judged on the Award criteria of: originality of thought and development of research; data support; methods; origin of material used; analysis and preparedness of the research for submission to reputable peer reviewed journals; as well as usefulness in expanding the knowledge of products from the plant Aloe vera L.

This Merit Award was established by Mr. Bill Lee, Chairman and CEO of the ECONET global group of companies – which includes Aloecorp and Unigen Pharmaceuticals in honor of his late father, Chairman Yun-Ho Lee who discovered the therapeutic benefits of Aloe vera through his own personal health challenges. The Lee family has pioneered and supported cutting-edge research on Aloe vera. “Our commitment to research and development of Aloe vera is a global commitment,” said Mr. Lee. “I am immensely gratified to see the vision of my father honored through the IASC Merit Award process, and anticipate researchers to once again submit a quality array of novel science on Aloe vera.”

Research on Aloe vera continues to evolve in sophistication and reach, benefiting multiple industries through both therapeutically active novel ingredients and unique added value consumer products. The Yun-Ho Lee Merit Award has, and is expected to continue to drive the interest and passion of researchers to discover the benefits of this amazing plant in use for thousands of years in traditional remedies, nutritional supplements, food, and health and beauty products across the globe.

The 2007 Yun-Ho Lee Merit Award will be conferred at the 26th Annual IASC Meeting in Dallas, Texas, September 7-8, 2007. Submissions guidelines are available at or call 972.258.8772

The International Aloe Science Council is a non-profit trade organization for the Aloe vera Industry world-wide. Its membership includes Aloe growers, processors, finished goods manufacturers, marketing companies, insurance companies, equipment suppliers, printers, sales organizations, physicians, scientists and researchers. The common bond between this diverse group of individuals and companies is an interest in promoting Aloe vera and its use in skin care products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and a wide variety of other products.

Contact: Gene Hale, Director
International Aloe Science Council
Phone: 972.258.8772; [email protected]

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