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Can AlavisMSM Help Maintain and Protect Equine Articular Cartilage? Preliminary Research Results Say “Yes”.

BURLINGTON, ON, — Carolwood Corporation is undertaking a study into the use of AlavisMSM, their ultra-pure MSM specially formulated for the equine industry, for the maintenance and protection of equine articular cartilage. Now 50% complete, the study has already shown that MSM has a positive impact on reducing inflammation and protects the cartilage from further degradation. This is extremely exciting news for owners of equine athletes in the world of racing, show jumping and endurance, as well as those with horses suffering from the pain, heat and swelling associated with joint disease. The study also lends scientific credence to the largely anecdotal evidence that has helped propel LignisulMSM into the Top 5 most popular supplements for arthritis sufferers.

The investigation used articular cartilage which was excised from nine horses which had been euthanised for reasons other than joint disease. The explants were cultured to ensure the continued production of ‘Chrondocytes’ – the cells that form and maintain the cartilage matrix and ‘Glycosaminoglycan’ (sGAG), which are the small molecules that bind with core protein to create ‘proteoglycans’. These are the fundamental building blocks of articular cartilage and the major GAGs are: chrondroitin-4-sulphate, chrondroitin-6-sulphate, keratin sulphate and hyaluronan.

Inflammatory mediators were than introduced to simulate a pro-inflammatory condition. These included ‘Prostaglandin E²’ (PGE²) which produces the characteristic pain, heat and swelling associated with joint disease and stimulates the release of enzymes that break down proteoglycans and ‘Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase’ (iNOS) which combines with free radicals and promotes degradation of articular cartilage. ‘Recombinant Human Interleukin 1’ (IL-1), a peptide mediator that increases the degradative metabolic process in cartilage and in vitro explant systems was added to some cultures and Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a component of the bacterial cell wall that triggers chrondocyte-mediated breakdown of articular cartilage, was added to others.

Introduction of these mediators was expected to have a number of consequences and within a very short time (2 days), it was evident that there was a substantial breakdown of proteoglycans and subsequent loss of GAGs, together with an increase in production of PGE² and inflammatory molecules such as nitric oxide.

When AlavisMSM was added to the culture media obvious therapeutic effects were detected almost immediately:-


There was a marked reduction in the loss of GAGs from cartilage exposed to the inflammatory mediators IL-1 and LPS. Even at very low levels, AlavisMSM has been shown to reduce the production of PGE²s.Carolwood Corporation is confident that this data clearly indicates the protective potential of AlavisMSM on equine articular cartilage and its inclusion in a wide range of dietary supplements and topical applications will bring tangible benefits to animals at risk of joint injury or those already suffering pain.

Full statistical analyses are being prepared by the Company and will be released in a couple of months time.

Carolwood Corporation, Greenville PA is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of LignisulMSM and AlavisMSM, all-natural, patented nutritional supplements that provides biologically-active sulfur for arthritis, muscle and joint pain.
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