Canada's National Herb and Spice Coalition Presents First Annual Conference

Grassroots to Global Enterprise: The Canadian Herb and Spice Industry Comes of Age

First Annual Herb and Spice Conference,
February 18-19, 2004 at the University of Guelph , Ontario

The herb, spice and natural health product industry is developing from the field to the shelf. Along the way particpants are dealing with agronomic education, regulations, business development, relationship building up and down the chain, research and discovery and public acceptance.

This conference will seek to address those issues and more for all the players ensuring Canada’s strong role in this very important industry. Producers, wildcrafters, processors, regulators, researchers, buyers, educators, gov’t and companies working with or within the herb, spice and natural health products industry. This conference will be a good chance to get perspective and vital information from key players at all levels of the industry and to network nation-wide.

Some of the key topics include:

Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Agriculture Practices, Certified Organic Standards, Research Reports, Spices as Functional Foods, Essential Oils, Wildcrafting, Public Education and more.

The National Herb and Spice Coalition (NHSC) is a group of leaders across the country that work together to address national issues.

They are presently represented on the Industry Liason Committee with the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD), the Schedule A Working Group wuth Health Canada, the AAFC Value Chain Roundtable and lead the Canadian On Farm Food Safety program for the Herb and Spice Industry.

Contact for more information and future mailings
Jan Schooley <[email protected]>
Connie Kehler <[email protected]>
For more complete agenda watch

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