Canadian Businesswomen Learn the Secrets to Success in China and Hong Kong

Bell Alliances International Inc., TLI - The Mandarin School and the Hong Kong Canada
Business Association today announced that they will be leading a Canadian
Businesswomen’s trade mission to China and Hong Kong October 20-31, 2008. This highly
interactive mission has been specially designed to help Canadian businesswomen learn more
about the world’s most dynamic economy and help them discover the potential for their
companies to do business there.

The 2008 Canadian Businesswomen’s Trade Mission will visit Shanghai, Beijing and Hong
Kong. It has been especially designed for Canadian women business leaders and entrepreneurs
who want to gain a broad understanding of the world’s most dynamic economy, assess and
explore specific business opportunities and initiate the networks and partnerships that are
necessary for sustainable business in the greater China region.

During the mission the women will learn how to do business in both Hong Kong and China, what
key business strategies are available for their companies to use to pursue those opportunities
and what resources are available to help them realize those plans. Participants will also meet,
and have an opportunity to ask questions and learn from other women executives and
entrepreneurs including many other Canadian women who are already successfully doing
business in the Greater China region.

As part of the mission the delegates may also participate in one on one meetings with potential
business partners and key government and business leaders. They will also have an opportunity
to visit one or more of over 10 sector specific trade shows taking place at the same time in Hong
Kong and to take part in the Hong Kong Forum. The Hong Kong Forum is the annual flagship
event of the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide, a unique network of 31
Hong Kong Business Associations in 23 countries with over 11, 000 individual overseas traders,
buyers, and professionals as associates.

The idea for the mission came from Valerie Bell and Carla Kearns, two Toronto area women
entrepreneurs who lead successful businesses assisting Canadian companies to do business in

“What not enough people realize is that you don’t have to be a huge multinational company to
be successful in China, small and medium sized businesses have lots of opportunities too,” said
Carla Kearns, owner of the TLI- Mandarin School in downtown Toronto which provides
Canadians going to live, work or vacation in China with a knowledge of the Mandarin language,
culture and customs.

“The vast majority of both of Carla and my company’s clients are men, yet women are always
fascinated when we speak to them about our personal experiences as Canadian business
women who have lived, worked in and now do business in China from our bases here in
Canada. Neither of us could recall a similar event specially planned for women, so we decided it
was time to create one so that other women can learn from both our experiences and those of
other women who are successfully do business in China” said Valerie Bell. Bell is the President
of Bell Alliances International Inc. a Mississauga company which specializes in helping
Canadian firms do business in Asia in natural health products, food and health and beauty aids.
The Hong Kong-Canada Business Association (HKCBA), the largest bi-lateral trade association
in Canada, with approximately 1,500 members in 10 sections in major cities from coast to coast,
and connections to 30 similar trade groups in 23 countries around the world is also actively
involved in helping to promote this event.

“We are delighted to have an opportunity to encourage more Canadian women business leaders
and entrepreneurs and assist them in learning how to do business between Hong Kong and
Canada and through Hong Kong into the rest of China and South East Asia as well as with each
other in Canada” added Frank Monteiro, President of HKCBA.

Women interested in finding out more about how they can take part in this mission can send an
email to either [email protected] or [email protected]


For Information contact:
Valerie Bell OR Carla Kearns
Bell Alliances International Inc TLI- Mandarin School
Office: (905) 822-0449 Office: (416) 581-8868
Cell: (905) 302-8068 Cell: (416) 710-7166

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