Canadian Herb, Spice and Natural Health Products Coalition Conference: Growing an Industry...Linking Agriculture and Health From the Consumer to the Field

October 27-29, 2005
The Battery Hotel and Suites,
St John's Newfoundland

This conference addresses the value chain of products linking agriculture, health and bioproducts from the customer right back to the field. It showcases why products developed in Canada have a strong value chain of safety, quality and traceability that consumers can trust. It also mentors those in the industry that wish to expand or explore new avenues sustainably.

Why you should attend:

By linking showcasing the life science industry, this conference brings together people involved in all levels of the herb, spice, functional food and natural health product industry for both human and animal use

It will not only to take stock of the growth of the industry and integrate consumer demand, but above all will consider the requirements for long-term sustainability with on going respect for traditional values.

Producers to finish product developers will have opportunities to learn from each other
Researchers, regulators and government can learn from and with the industry
Consumers can come learn about what Canada made means to their products.



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