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Canadian Manufacturer Digs Deep to Help America’s Hurricane Survivors

Markham, ON. October 12, 2005 - Natural and nutritious foods manufacturer Sunny Crunch Foods Limited is generously producing more than 400,000 cereal-based nutrition bars from its Markham facility each day to feed the devastated survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

Sunny Crunch Foods was selected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross to provide the donations due to its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality and nutritious produce. The bars are being shipped to Tennessee and will be distributed to the areas of most need by the two relief agencies.

“Assisting others in need is ingrained in our company culture, if there are people out there who are hungry and need our help then we want to be there for them,” Sunny Crunch Foods Founder and President Willie Pelzer said. “We are very busy producing as many of these nutritious bars as we can right now and will continue to do that until the need is no longer there.”

The nutritious food products are being given to the hundreds of thousands of residents of New Orleans, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama who have been left without jobs, homes, electricity and water following Hurricane Katrina. The official death toll since it struck on August 29, has reached 1,080 and the estimated damage cost is at more than $200 billion.

“By the time we are finished we expect to have manufactured over half a million daily rations which is remarkable considering one ration feeds one person for one day,” Mr Pelzer said. “It is touching to see so many individuals, organizations and businesses responding so quickly to this disaster with contributions of all kinds.”

Sunny Crunch Food’s products are represented in the U.S. marketplace by Market-Wise International Nutrition LLC. which is right behind the company’s relief efforts. “This is a tremendous opportunity for Sunny Crunch Foods to open up doors in the U.S. and promote private label products and develop its brand name within the grocery and pharmacy chains,” Market-Wise International Nutrition President and CEO Stephen Lukawski said.

“The food donations have allowed the company to not only show the quality of Sunny Crunch products but to give back to the American community in their time of need.”

About Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd:
Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. is a 35-year pioneer in natural and nutritious food manufacturing and is one of Canada's most respected manufacturers of natural health products. Sunny Crunch Foods is a Markham based company that was founded in 1970 by Mr Willie Pelzer and is known as the inventor of ‘Crunchy Granola’. Today, Sunny Crunch has a staff of over 100 employees producing an impressive range of quality products from granola cereals, nutrition bars, meal replacement bars, sports nutrition bars, energy bars, and snack bars for major supermarkets, retailers and distributors throughout Canada and worldwide. Sunny Crunch has been awarded the opportunity to manufacture private label products for many well-known grocery chains throughout Canada, USA, the UK, and Japan. For the past five years the company has grown exponentially, assisted by broker, distributor and marketer, Market-Wise International Nutrition. Market-Wise International Nutrition was recently chosen by Sunny Crunch Foods to represent, distribute and market its brand name products throughout the U.S. as well as generate more private label business for the company.

For more information contact:
Stephen Lukawski - President and CEO
Market-Wise International Nutrition LLC.
4099 Tamiami North. Suite 308, Naples, Florida. 34103.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1888 472 2275
Fax: 1239 403 9419

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