Cantox’s Nestmann Off To New Zealand

Join Dr. Earle Nestmann, Vice President of CANTOX, as he travels down under:

Natural Products Summit

Monaco Resort, Nelson, NZ

February 16, 2006

This year at New Zealand’s Annual Summit, a must-attend for companies in the natural products industry, Dr. Nestmann will be the opening speaker for the event. As New Zealand will soon be facing changes to regulatory governance, the topic will be “Regulation of Natural Health Products in Canada and the Global Environment of Regulation”.

Plan on attending this session to learn how the introduction of the Natural Health Products Regulations on 1 January 2004 created a new category in Canada for natural health products (NHP) as compared to the US and Europe. Dr Nestmann will also speak about the changing face of regulations in Canada, with comparison to the USA and their place amongst the global regulatory environment.

Dr Nestmann will discuss the components of Health Products Regulations, with reference to the wider international perspective including the EU, China and Japan

To find out more about this event or to register, click on the following link. Products Summit 2006.pdf

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