Capsugel Launches New Website

(Greenwood, S.C.) CAPSUGEL, the world’s largest capsule manufacturer, launched their new Americas Region microsite for the dietary supplement industry. The new site is an excellent starting place to learn about the wide range of products and services available in North and South America to help launch successful products into a variety of supplement markets. To complement the global website, here visitors can get details on value-added programs such as the In-Stock Color program and Capsugel University for improving productivity, as well as learn more about vegetarian options, natural colorants and the Licaps® liquid delivery system. Find out more at:

Media contact: Missy Lowery at 864-942-3063 or Jacqueline Savaiano at 310-827-0531

Capsugel, a world leader in dosage form development and manufacturing, produces two-piece gelatin and vegetarian capsules for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and over-the-counter (OTC) markets. The Capsugel product line of uniquely designed and patented products includes Licaps® liquid capsules, Vcaps® and Vcaps® Plus vegetarian capsules, and DBcaps® capsules for double-blind clinical trials. The company also customizes liquid-fill formulas with laboratories in both the US and Europe. Capsugel is a division of Pfizer Inc. For more information, visit or call 888

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