Capsugel Launches OceanCaps™ Fish Gelatin Capsules In the United States, Riding Wave Of Success In Europe

New capsule polymer provides market differentiation
for vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, and marine-based products

November 13, 2007 – Capsugel, the leading supplier of dosage form solutions, announced today the introduction of OceanCaps™ fish gelatin capsules for the U.S. nutritional products marketplace.

This innovative new capsule product meets the growing demand for specialty products that are lifestyle driven. “Fish-based capsules are growing in popularity in Europe, with OceanCaps capsules selling particularly well in France among marketers of marine-based nutritionals. Now they are making their way across the Atlantic,” said Robert Whitelaw, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for Capsugel’s Americas Region.

Utilizing only farmed fish species, the fish gelatin extraction process yields an excellent capsule-forming material with absolutely no fish taste or odor. OceanCaps capsules sport a clean, transparent finish that enhances product appeal. The naturally transparent capsules are also available in a variety of colors and can be custom printed with logos, brand names, and/or other company information.

OceanCaps capsules meet the same specifications as standard gelatin capsules, including excellent performance on high speed filling machines. “While many of the technical and physical properties of OceanCaps capsules are similar to standard gelatin capsules, the origin of the raw material itself provides companies a significant opportunity to differentiate their products. They can carve out a unique place on the store shelf,” Whitelaw said.

With their natural marine-based appeal, OceanCaps capsules offer an advantage to those vegetarians who include fish in their diets, as well as health-conscious spa clientele, who often have an affinity for water-based therapies. They are Kosher and Halal certified, making them appropriate for consumers with religious and cultural requirements.

OceanCaps capsules, which can be securely sealed using Capsugel’s exclusive LEMS sealing process, are especially suitable for enhancing marine-based products such as fish oil, shark cartilage, or algae. “This is a great choice for companies interested in offering ‘all-marine’ products,” Whitelaw noted. “Just think -- all the benefits of a marine supplement on both the inside and outside of the product, without any of the downsides of pungent taste or smell. It’s a winning combination.”

Capsugel, a world leader in capsule manufacturing with 10 global manufacturing facilities, produces two-piece gelatin and vegetarian capsules for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and over-the-counter (OTC) markets. The Capsugel product line of uniquely designed and patented products includes Vcaps® vegetarian capsules and Pearlcaps™ capsules with a pearlescent effect. As part of the Licaps® Drug Delivery System, the company also creates and customizes liquid-fill formulas in laboratories in Colmar, France, and Greenwood, S.C. Capsugel is a division of Pfizer Inc. For more information, visit, or call (864) 942-3063

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