Capsugel Produces its One-Trillionth Capsule

At 9:36am EST on Sept 25th, 2008, the world’s largest capsule manufacturing facility produced capsule number 1,000,000,000,000. On hand to receive the trillionth capsule was Ron Millender, Vice President and General Manager for Capsugel Americas and Mary Ann Arnold, the only active colleague who was there when the first capsule was produced in 1967.

“Attaining this milestone is an amazing feat and is a testament to the strong position that Capsugel has in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries,” said Millender. “With quality and productivity gains and with the continued growth we see in capsule demand, we should reach our next trillion capsules in much less time than the 41 years it took to reach the first trillion.”

How big is one trillion? One trillion average size capsules would form a line over 12 million miles long. One trillion seconds would equal 32,000 years.

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