Carbsense Foods Announces Two Great Additions to its Low Carbohydrate Dry Mix Product Line

HOOD RIVER, Ore., July 17, 2002 --- Carbsense Foods, Inc., a leading producer of low-carbohydrate food alternatives for the retail and foodservice markets, announces that it has added Garlic & Herb Pizza Crust and Honey Bran Muffin Mixes to its already popular line of low-carb dry mixes. The new mixes contain 80% less carbohydrates than their regular versions and are high in protein and fiber.

Stimulated by the emerging epidemic of Type I and Type II diabetes and the ever-growing popularity of the Atkins, The Zone, Sugar Busters, Sommersize and other dietary-programs, one of the fastest growing trends in the food industry today is in the low carbohydrate food product category. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are 15.7 million diabetics in the U.S. Additionally, recent health polls have reported that as many as 30 million people have already started or plan to reduce the number of carbohydrate in their diets.

"The low-carb market is expanding rapidly to the point where it has just about outgrown the label of being a niche category," says Jim Haun, President of Carbsense Foods, Inc. "Our great tasting products are not only attractive to the consumers who are required to remain on carb-restricted diets (diabetics & weight loss candidates), but to the millions in the mass market who have discovered the many health benefits of a reduced carbohydrate diet."

Although low carbohydrate alternatives have been available in the form of nutritional bars, candies and chocolates for several years, consumers had often lamented that it was very difficult to find the great-tasting, sensible, carbohydrate-reduced versions of the everyday foods they love. Carbsense is making it much easier, and has seen substantial growth since its inception in January 2002. Carbsense products can now be found in a variety of drug, health and low carb specialty stores around the country. Carbsense has also been recently approved for distribution by Tree of Life, Nature's Best and numerous other regional and national wholesale-distributors.

In addition to the newly launched Garlic and Herb Pizza Crust and Honey Bran Muffin Mix products, Carbsense currently offers their additional low carb favorites: Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix, Buckwheat Pancake & Waffle Mix, Country Spice Instant Hot Cereal, Roasted Hazelnut Instant Hot Cereal, Harvest Wheat Bread Machine Mix, and Zero-Carb Baking Mix. The company plans to introduce as many as 30 new items to its line this year. "We're very pleased with the rapid growth we've experienced, as well as the comments we regularly receive from our customers about how much their lives have been enriched by their low-carb diets now that they have low-carb alternatives for the foods they grew up with," adds Haun.

Carbsense Foods, Inc. is located in Hood River, Oregon, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest's Columbia River Gorge, where good health and wholesome eating is a natural way of life. For more information, please visit, or write or call Kevin Dalrymple, V.P. Sales & Marketing, 1100 East Marina Way, Suite 223, Hood River, Oregon 97031. Telephone: (770) 506-0679; or via Email at [email protected].

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