Carbsense Foods Introduces 2 New Brands – Aramana(TM) and MiniCarb(TM)

HOOD RIVER, Ore., --- Carbsense Foods, Inc., a leading manufacturer of all-natural, reduced-carbohydrate foods, announces today the launch of the AramanaTM and MiniCarbTM brands to better serve the needs of the “blazing-hot,” low-carb consumer products category.“We recognize that consumers who purchase reduced-carbohydrate products fall into 2 distinct groups”, says Carbsense Marketing V.P., Kevin Dalrymple. “In response, we’ve created 2 unique brands, designed to best meet the specific needs of each group.”

The AramanaTM brand of products is targeted toward mainstream health and natural foods consumers who are seeking wholesome, all-natural food alternatives, but would also like to reduce their consumption of refined carbohydrates (such as starches and sugars).AramanaTM products come from all natural ingredients, are low-carb, are rich in protein and fiber, and must pass a rigorous taste and performance evaluation before earning a spot in the company’s catalog. Low-carb products being introduced under the AramanaTM brand include: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Crunch Soy Energy Bars, Soy Pretzels, and a line of convenient Pasta Meal Mixes such as Creamy Chicken Alfredo, Mild Mexican Chicken and Cheddar Cheeseburger.

The MiniCarbTM brand is designed for consumers who are managing their weight by maintaining a very strict low-carb diet, or battle with diabetes, but are not as concerned with whether or not the products consist of all natural ingredients. The MiniCarbTM products are very low-carb and contain the no calorie sweetener, sucralose, to provide great-tasting alternatives to the everyday foods people love most.New MiniCarbTM brand items include: Soy Granola, Snickerdoodle and Lemon Burst Cookie Mixes, Apple Cinnamon and Sweet Corn Muffin Mixes, Chocolate Brownie Mix, Milk Chocolate Hot Cereal, Biscuit Mix and Pie Crust Mix.

Carbsense believes that the two brand approach creates value for the consumer by making the decision making process much easier at the point of sale.Mainstream natural foods consumers who are simply seeking desirable natural foods with wholesome ingredients and fewer sugars and starches can easily identify and choose the products that the AramanaTM brand offers.Likewise, avid low-carb consumers can easily identify and choose the products that the MiniCarbTM brand offers.

Jim Haun, President of Carbsense Foods, Inc., comments “Converting a food product – for example, a cookie mix – from a traditional flour-based formula to a low-carb version that tastes great, is a complex process. Refined carbohydrates are typically the least expensive portions of many foods. Replacing these ingredients (such as flour) with purified proteins (such as soy) can drive the manufacture’s ingredient costs up by as much as 10-fold.We are very proud that we have leveraged our years of experience and manufacturing efficiencies to provide affordable low-carb alternatives for both these target groups of consumers.”

In either case, the folks at Carbsense Foods have positioned themselves to maintain their leadership position as they continue to meet the needs and desires of today’s and tomorrow’s carbohydrate-conscience consumer.

Carbsense Foods, Inc. is located in Hood River, Oregon, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest's Columbia River Gorge, where good health and wholesome eating is a natural way of life.

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