Cardinal Nutrition Recertified for Good Manufacturing Practices

VANCOUVER, Wash., October 6, 2003 — Cardinal Nutrition received recertification approval from the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in September 2003. The recertification maintains Cardinal’s status as the first and only manufacturer of MSM to be awarded GMP certification by the NNFA.

NNFA GMP certification lasts three years, after which certified companies are required to go through the same rigorous third-party audit required for initial certification: the audit covers personnel, physical plant, equipment and utensils; maintenance and cleaning of facilities and equipment; quality assurance/quality control procedures; standard operating procedures in production; production records; packaging materials; product label control; sampling and retention; warehousing; distribution; and post-distribution matters such as product recall and quarantine procedures.

“We are especially proud of our technical staff, who proceeded with the scheduled audit on August 11, just one day after learning of the death of founder and CEO, George Bergstrom,” said Michael Levin, Cardinal’s president and chief operating officer.

“Cardinal Nutrition understands the importance of GMPs,” said Tom Freeman, Cardinal’s director of technical services. “The entire natural products industry will be required to meet GMP standards in the next couple of years. We have just been ahead of the curve on this because of ourcommitment to quality.” Cardinal Nutrition operates the industry’s leading MSM manufacturing facility in terms of technology, MSM production expertise and overall quality control. “Our goal has always been to advance the industry standard for MSM quality and consistency,” continued Freeman. “This recertification validates our ingredient— OptiMSM®, Cardinal’s brand of distilled methylsulfonylmethane—as the MSM quality leader.”

The GMP recertification is another in a long list of market leadership achievements for Cardinal Nutrition. Cardinal has provided licensed material to its customers since 1989, and was the first MSM manufacturer to have third-party testing performed on every lot of product to ensure consistent quality. Cardinal Nutrition was also the first to offer kosher- and Halal-certified MSM.

“As the MSM quality leader, we have a responsibility to advance the science and standards relating to MSM to promote public health,” said Levin. “We provide our customers with more than lip service about quality. We document it and deliver it with each and every lot.”

Cardinal Nutrition, headquartered in Vancouver, WA, is the most experienced manufacturer of MSM and operates the world’s only facility solely dedicated to production of licensed MSM. It is also the only MSM production facility that is NNFA-GMP-certified, and was the first to be Kosher- and Halal-certified. Cardinal’s branded ingredient, U.S.-made OptiMSM, is always distilled for purity and supplied to quality manufacturers in global markets. For information on Cardinal Nutrition or OptiMSM, call 1.888.733.5676 or visit or

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