Cargill CoroWise(TM) Plant Sterols in New Orange Juice Proven to Help Reduce Cholesterol*

MINNEAPOLIS - Cargill Health & Food Technologies (H&FT) announces that its CoroWise™ plant sterols are featured in new Minute Maid® Premium Heart Wise™, the first orange juice containing plant sterols and proven to help reduce cholesterol.

In a recent clinical study conducted at a major medical center, participants significantly lowered their LDL cholesterol by drinking two 8-fluid-ounce servings of Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise orange juice with CoroWise™ plant sterols daily with meals for eight weeks. Benefits were demonstrated in men and women with normal and borderline high total cholesterol.

"CoroWise™ plant sterols in orange juice represent just one example of our commitment to helping consumers reduce their cholesterol levels through a sensible diet and exercise program," said Ted Ziemann, president, Cargill Health & Food Technologies. "Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise orange juice made with CoroWise™ plant sterols meets the needs of health-conscious consumers, who now have another way to help maintain their heart health," he said.

Plant sterols inhibit the absorption of cholesterol. A major risk factor for coronary heart disease is elevated LDL cholesterol. Foods that contain at least 0.4 grams per serving of plant sterols, consumed twice a day with meals for a daily total intake of at least 0.8 grams, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. An 8 fluid ounce serving of Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise orange juice contains 1.0 gram of CoroWise™ plant sterols.

*Two 8-fluid-ounce servings consumed per day with meals and continued use as part of a healthy diet.

"A clinical study showed CoroWise™ plant sterols in Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise orange juice were effective in decreasing total blood and LDL cholesterol," explained Barbara Bentson, director of regulatory and scientific affairs for Cargill H&FT. "And after tasting both, consumers said they liked Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise with CoroWise™ plant sterols as much as Minute Maid Premium Original orange juice."

Steve Snyder, Cargill H&FT vice president of marketing and sales, added, "We actively collaborate with a number of leading food and beverage manufacturers to bring functional foods containing health-promoting ingredients to the consumer in forms that are familiar and easily incorporated into the diet. Clearly, being able to enjoy a glass of orange juice that has the added heart healthy benefits of CoroWise™ plant sterols will be a simple, healthy step for most consumers."

The CoroWise™ plant sterols logo appears on the Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise package to help consumers recognize it as a heart healthy ingredient. More information can be found at

Cargill's H&FT business is part of a larger Cargill initiative called Food System Design. As such, Cargill Health & Food Technologies works in concert with customers to produce ingredients, ingredient systems and food system breakthroughs that result in appetizing, nutritious, and convenient consumer products.


Cargill Health & Food Technologies, based in Minneapolis, is a leading developer, processor and marketer of science-based, healthy ingredients for food and dietary supplements worldwide. It is a business unit of Cargill, Incorporated, an international marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products and services with 98,000 employees in 61 countries. Cargill provides distinctive customer solutions in supply chain management, food applications, and health and nutrition.

The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company. Along with Coca-Cola, recognized as the world's best-known brand, the Company markets four of the world's top five soft drink brands, including diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite, and a wide range of other beverages, including diet and light soft drinks, waters, juices and juice drinks, teas, coffees and sports drinks. Through the world's largest distribution system, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy the Company's beverages at a rate exceeding 1 billion servings each day.

"Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise" is a trademark of The Coca-Cola Company.

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