Cargill launches 'Confectionery Essentials' education seminar

Cargill launches 'Confectionery Essentials' education seminar

Part of the popular The Chocolatier's Workshop education series, the new seminar focuses on the fundamental techniques of making confections.  

Cargill, owner of Wilbur® chocolate and Peter's® chocolate, announced it has expanded the curriculum of its popular The Chocolatier's Workshop™ with a new seminar, Confectionery Essentials. Confectionery Essentials is an intensive, two-day, hands-on immersion into the fundamental techniques of producing confections. The next session will be held April 24-25, 2013, at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate headquarters in Lititz, Pa.

Led by Cargill's confectionery specialists, participants of Confectionery Essentials will learn the theory and science of making firm and soft caramels and cooked and cold creams, as well as how to blend a perfect ganache, and enrobe confections.

"Confectionery Essentials is beneficial for anyone working in the confectionery industry. The workshop is instructional and valuable for those just beginning or those who'd like a refresher," said Courtney LeDrew, marketing manager, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate. "Ultimately, our educational seminars are designed to help confectioners build the most successful businesses possible."

In addition to Confectionery Essentials, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate will be executing the thirteenth session of its popular The Chocolatier's Workshop October 8-10, 2013, in Lititz, Pa. Unique in the industry, the workshop goes beyond teaching confection making; it examines the business aspects necessary to run a successful shop. The Chocolatier's Workshop is an interactive, three-day seminar that focuses on operating a confectionery business.

Confectionery Essentials is limited to 12 participants who meet the workshop qualifications and The Chocolatier's Workshop is limited to 10 participants. Please contact Heather Tardif at 717-626-3246, or e-mail [email protected] to register for either workshop or for more information.

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