Caribou Coffee Introduces Skinny'Bou - The Nation's First Line of Low Carb And Lower Cal Lattes

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 30 -- As the New Year approaches, millions of Americans will resolve to get in shape and lose weight. This year, Caribou Coffee Company Inc. makes it a little easier to keep those weight loss resolutions with Skinny'Bou, a new line of low carb and lower cal lattes in vanilla and caramel flavors.

"Whether you're following a low carb or reduced calorie diet in 2004, Skinny'Bou Lattes allow you to indulge a little," says Caribou Coffee's Vice President of Marketing Chris Toal. "At nearly one-third the calories or one- fifth the carbs of our regular lattes, Skinny'Bou is the perfect New Year's Resolution Solution."

Skinny'Bou Lattes will be available in all Caribou Coffee stores starting January 1, 2004. The new coffee drinks come in vanilla or caramel, and are sweetened with Splenda(R), a popular new sugar substitute. A lower calorie caramel Skinny'Bou Latte (made with skim milk and Splenda) rings in at just 80 calories, or 140 calories less than a regular 220-calorie caramel latte. Skinny'Bou's Low Carb Latte, with only 7 grams of carbohydrates, offers a significant reduction from the 33 grams of carbs found in regular vanilla and caramel lattes.

"We've been working on our Skinny'Bou line for some time and feel that we're bringing something new and exciting to the specialty coffee market," continues Toal. "With Skinny'Bou Lattes, our customers can reward themselves with a coffee drink that tastes great while adhering to either a lower cal or a low carb diet. Customers are really excited about Skinny'Bou and so are we."

Todd Lingle of the Specialty Coffee Association of America was quoted recently, saying that Caribou's Skinny'Bou line is the first of its kind among large coffee chains. According to Chris Toal, Caribou may explore expanding Skinny'Bou beyond vanilla and caramel lattes and will continue to seek new ways to meet customers' needs.

Caribou Coffee Company Inc. is the nation's second largest specialty coffee company with more than 250 stores and 3,900 employees. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Caribou Coffee stores can be found in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. For more information, visit .

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