Carolwood Continues to Market Lignisul™ MSM, Challenges Validity of Patents

GREENVILLE, PA, MAY 23, 2002—MSM Investments Company, LLC (MIC) has given Carolwood Corporation another notice of the termination of the Settlement Agreement between MIC and Carolwood, including the license agreement related to MIC’s MSM patents. Regardless of this notice, Carolwood announced that it intends to continue manufacturing and selling MSM.

“We want to assure our good customers they will continue to have an adequate supply of high-quality, ultrapure Lignisul MSM from Carolwood, and get the same personalized service and marketing support to which they are accustomed,” said Founder and President, Rex Bailey.

Nearly four years ago MIC and Carolwood engaged in litigation over alleged patent infringement. The human use patents at issue in those lawsuits have either expired or have been invalidated by the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, whose decision was affirmed by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Carolwood also had a motion pending to invalidate the two animal use patents at issue in one of those earlier lawsuits before the parties entered into the Settlement Agreement. Carolwood firmly believes that the motion would have been successful.

“In addition, we believe that MIC has not effectively enforced the patents, allowing unlicensed, offshore product to enter the North American market,” said Bailey.

Carolwood Corporation, Greenville, PA, is the exclusive supplier of Lignisul MSM, a nutritional supplement that provides biologically-active sulfur for arthritis, muscle and joint pain. For further information call 724.589.0300, or log on to our web site at

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