Carotech Inc. Continues with 2nd Phase of Marketing Campaign for Tocomin® Natural Torcotrienol Complex

Edison, New Jersey. April 30th 2002 – Expanding its marketing reach to American consumers, Carotech Inc., the world’s first and leader in producing natural tocotrienol complex, is continuing its 2nd phase of a nation-wide promotional and marketing campaign in a bid to capitalize on the growing consumer and scientific interest in the product.

With the recent controversy and negative human studies on the regular tocopherol Vitamin E, Carotech believes that the best form of vitamin E to take as supplement, is one that contains all the 8 isomers of Vitamin E – d-mixed tocopherols and d-mixed tocotrienols, as produce by nature. “This is the most complete and most balanced form of Vitamin E supplement and gives one the optimal and maximum benefits,” said WH Leong, Carotech’s Vice President.

In addition, with several clinical investigations underway or completed, Tocomin® has been shown to be a highly potent neuro-protective form of vitamin E. The tocotrienols crosses the blood-brain barrier and protects neurons from a variety of toxins better than the tocopherol (the regular vitamin E). Other human clinical studies have also proven the ability of tocotrienols to reverse arterial blockage in Carotid Stenosis patients and reduce total serum cholesterol.

“We decided to engage Media Relations, Inc. Health Division because of its strong reputation in the natural health products industry,” said WH Leong, Carotech’s Vice President. “Tocomin® Natural Tocotrienol Complex is well established in the US where it is incorporated into more than 50 nutritional supplements marketed to promote a range of health benefits from maintaining cardiovascular and brain health to women’s nutrition.”

Media Relations, a leading public relation firm will assist in developing consumer-brand awareness of Carotech’s Tocomin® Natural Full Spectrum Tocotrienol Complex through an aggressive consumer broadcast and print publicity campaign.

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