Carotech Secures Patent for Tocomin(R) SupraBio(TM) for Hair Growth

Edison, NJ, March 25th, 2008 - Carotech Inc., the GMP-certified producer of high quality natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex and mixed carotenoid complex, has announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted it US Patent 7,211,274, entitled "Hair Growth Formulation” for its Tocomin® SupraBioTM – a patented bio-enhanced natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex. This patent would allow the company to develop the market for this proprietary product for promoting hair growth in men & women suffering from androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness).

Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss, affecting about 50% of men and women older than 40 years of age. It is characterize as hereditary thinning of the hair induced by androgens (male hormones) in susceptible men and women. It usually begins between the age of 12 and 40 years old and is generally caused by three interdependent factors: male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), genetic disposition and advancing age. DHT, a potent metabolite of the androgen testosterone, causes gradual and progressive shrinkage in hair follicles, which leads to production of smaller and finer hairs.

A key provision of the patent involves providing novel compositions for the formulation of Tocomin® SupraBioTM in increasing the number of hairs and preventing hair loss.

Tocomin® SupraBioTM is a self-emulsifying delivery system that guarantees an increased in bio-availability of tocotrienols (by an average of 250%) in the gastrointestinal tract and does not depend on dietary fat or food intake.

"This patent is a significant development within Carotech as it adds important depth to Carotech’s intellectual property portfolio”, explains WH Leong, Vice President of Carotech Inc. "It reaffirms our commitment as the leading supplier of tocotrienol, to investing in intellectual property with a long term vision for the market.”

“The combination of our patented technology with the high quality and safety standards enables us to work with our customers in a partnering fashion to develop efficacious proprietary products based on Tocomin® SupraBioTM and hence allowing our customers to enter new markets successfully and giving them a significant competitive advantage,” added Leong.

About Carotech Inc
Carotech Ltd, a public listed company in Malaysia (MESDAQ Board), is the first and largest producer of natural full spectrum tocotrienol complex, natural mixed carotene complex and phytosterol complex in the world via its patented technology. Carotech is a subsidiary of Hovid Bhd. (, one of the largest GMP-certified pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia. Carotech manufactures these products under the tradenames :Tocomin®, Tocomin® SupraBioTM , Caromin® and StelessterolTM.

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WH Leong
Vice President
Carotech Inc

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