Carrington's Research Wins International Aloe Science Council Award

IRVING, Texas, Nov. 18 -- Carrington Laboratories, Inc. (Nasdaq: CARN - News), today reported that Yawei Ni, Ph.D., a former research scientist and team leader for Carrington, and currently group leader for research and a Research Fellow for DelSite, Inc., was awarded the seventh annual International Aloe Science Council (IASC) Chairman Yun-Ho Lee Award of Scientific Merit for outstanding scientific contribution in the field of aloe research.

Dr. Ni's award-winning paper describes a process to identify, isolate, characterize and purify the unique carbohydrate polymer found in the Aloe vera L. plant that is present in Acemannan Hydrogel(TM), Carrington's patented biological material from the inner gel of the Aloe vera L. plant. The award- winning paper, along with other papers presented at the symposium, will be published in an addendum to the Journal of International Immunopharmacology through agreement with Co-Editor-in-Chief, Dr. James E. Talmadge of the University of Nebraska.

Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) is a natural product obtained from the Aloe vera L. plant used in Carrington's wound care, oral care, and specialized products lines sold under the Carrington® brand including the DiaB(TM), Radia(TM), CarraSmart(TM), Carrasyn®, and SaliCept(TM) lines. The new and unique chemical entity found in Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) binds to and protects proteins and peptides from degradation.

"The finding of unique material within Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) helps clearly elucidate why commercial products manufactured by Carrington work so well in a clinical setting," said Dr. Tom Ritter, director of Carrington's Medical Services Division. "This is an extremely important paper in the field of wound care because the natural polymer Dr. Ni discovered mechanically binds to, and stabilizes growth factors -- natural peptides found in the wound bed. These growth factors control key mechanisms of wound healing. Additionally, Carrington's patented processes used to manufacture Acemannan Hydrogel(TM) from the Aloe vera L. plant protect this unique polymer, while other commercial vendors destroy this key component during processing," added Ritter.

"Dr. Ni's work that led to the discovery of this unique polymer, present in Acemannan Hydrogel(TM), dates back several years and represents the basic, scientific foundation used by Carrington's Board of Directors to establish DelSite Biotechnologies, Inc.," said Dr. Carlton E. Turner, president and CEO of Carrington Laboratories, Inc. DelSite is Carrington's wholly-owned drug delivery subsidiary that is developing the GelSite(TM) technology for the controlled delivery of proteins and peptides.

The Chairman Yun-Ho Lee Award of Scientific Merit carries a cash award and is given annually to a scientist who has made an outstanding, original research contribution to the science of aloe, and can be from studies in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, biology, and medicine. The award is the highest competitive award presented by the IASC and is made possible by a generous grant from Mr. Bill Lee, president and CEO of NamYang Aloe International, Ltd. in honor of his late father. Mr. Lee, an early pioneer in the use of aloe for cosmetic, personal care and health food supplement products, is credited with advancing the worldwide use of products from aloe.

"This year marks a significant turning point in the reputation of our organization," said Gene Hale, executive director of the IASC. "The prestige of the Chairman Lee Award allows us to enhance the quality of scientists, attract new research to the market and communicate to the world via an internationally recognized peer review journal, the quality of our scientific work carried out in our industry. Additionally, I would like to issue a call for papers for the 2004 Chairman Lee Award. The scientific seminar will be held in September, 2004 in Seoul, Korea."

The International Aloe Science Council is a non-profit trade organization for the global Aloe vera industry. Its membership is composed of representatives from the worldwide medical and scientific community, industry leaders, and customers interested in furthering the understanding and quality of products containing Aloe vera. Visit the organization's web site at for more information.

About DelSite

DelSite Biotechnologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Carrington, is a biotechnology company established to commercialize its natural polymer drug delivery technology. Currently, DelSite is focusing its resources on developing delivery systems for vaccines, and therapeutic proteins and peptides that could benefit from improved injectable, intranasal and topical routes of administration. For more information please visit .

About Carrington Laboratories, Inc.

Carrington Laboratories, Inc., is an ISO 9001-certified, research-based biopharmaceutical and consumer products company currently utilizing naturally occurring complex carbohydrates to manufacture and market products for mucositis, radiation dermatitis, wound and oral care as well as to manufacture and market the nutraceutical raw materials Manapol® and Hydrapol(TM). Carrington Laboratories also manufactures and markets consumer products sold under its AloeCeuticals® brand and manufactures quality products for other companies. Manufacturing operations comply with cGMP standards. The company's DelSite subsidiary is developing its proprietary GelSite(TM) technology designed to provide controlled release of peptide and protein-based drugs. More than 120 patents in 26 countries protect Carrington Laboratories' technology. Select products are honored with the internationally coveted CE mark, recognized by more than 20 countries around the world. For more information, visit .

Certain statements in this release concerning Carrington may be forward- looking. Actual events will be dependent upon a number of factors and risks including, but not limited to: subsequent changes in plans by the company's management; delays or problems in production; changes in the regulatory process; changes in market trends; and a number of other factors and risks described from time to time in the company's filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission, including the Form 10Q filed November 14, 2003.

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