CAW Industries posts double-digit growth

CAW's FY 2011 growth was largely derived from strong sales in natural products stores across the southeastern and southwestern U.S. 

In the midst of one of the worst recessions in American history, CAW Industries, Inc., parent company and manufacturer of Willard Water and all Dr. Willard's products, announced today that FY 2011 was the company's third consecutive year of double digit sales growth.

"We're very excited to see how strongly consumers in the natural products industry continue to embrace our Willard Water products," said CAW's President John Willard III. "For a 40 year old company to experience this kind of growth in these very challenging economic times is absolutely amazing, and we are truly humbled by our customers' loyalty."

CAW's growth has been driven primarily by the company's expansion efforts in the United States natural products industry. In FY 2009 CAW launched an aggressive public relations and marketing campaign aimed at increasing U.S. market share and that campaign has made significant inroads in the natural products industry. In FY 2011 CAW's growth was largely derived from strong sales in natural products stores across the southeast and southwestern United States where the company added more than 100 new store accounts including new Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage stores, among many others.

"Sales for FY 2012 have remained strong so far and we're off to a great start that appears to reflect yet another double digit growth year," continued Willard. "We're very much looking forward to expanding our efforts beyond the southeastern and southwestern regions to other parts of the United States during this fiscal year. We've recently made inroads into New England and have laid some groundwork in the Pacific Northwest so we're slowly building a strong nationwide presence."

Willard Water was invented by Dr. John W. Willard Sr., a chemistry professor who received his PhD from Purdue University. Dr. Willard had been seeking to develop a high density trace mineral water derived from fossilized organics in lignite when he "serendipitously" invented the products now known simply as Willard Water. Created through a multi-faceted and patented process, Willard Water alters the molecular structure of regular water, causing it to become more reactive and thus a more efficient delivery system throughout the body. Willard Water also helps the body break down particles (food, nutrients, vitamins and toxins) in the digestive system which makes it easier for the body to process these particles, remove toxins, and more fully absorb the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are consumed.

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