Celebration of Angels Event Raises $1.5 Million for Vitamin Angels' Operation 20/20 Initiative

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., October 18, 2006 - Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization designed to fight malnutrition and childhood blindness around the world, raised $1.5 million in cash and product donations at its Celebration of Angels event held on October 5, 2006 in conjunction with the Natural Products Expo East show in Baltimore, Md. A major portion of the donations received will be used to support the first three years of the organization's Operation 20/20 program, a global initiative to eradicate childhood blindness resulting from vitamin A deficiency worldwide by the year 2020. Vitamin Angels now has 50 percent of the funding needed to meet its 2007 goal of providing 4.5 million children in 26 countries worldwide with essential vitamin A supplements.

"Operation 20/20 will provide children around the world with the basic nutrients they need to keep their vision intact and have a better chance to live a healthy, productive life," said Howard B. Schiffer, founder and president, Vitamin Angels. "The natural products industry understands the enormous impact vital nutrition can have on a child's life and resoundingly supported this effort. However, more is left to be done and we hope that others in the industry will also donate generously to this ongoing program."

Operation 20/20 is one of five programs Vitamin Angels currently operates.
Other programs that will benefit from a portion of the donations made during the Celebration of Angels event include: Childhood Nutrition program that donates nutritional supplements to facilities and health projects providing care to children in more than 40 countries; Prenatal Project that provides prenatal vitamins to women around the world in an effort to reduce maternal and child mortality, birth defects and ailments caused by nutritional deficiencies; Disaster Relief programs that deliver essential nutritional supplements to disaster stricken communities to help reduce opportunistic infections and deficiency diseases; and Custom Programs, which are tailored for companies that want to focus on a specific program or region.

Vitamin Angels would like to thank corporate donors including (in alphabetical order): Airborne, Allen Greene, Andrew Lessman / Procap Laboratories, Cantox, DSM, Econet / Univera Life Science, END Merck, Hidden Villa, Kang Nian Zhu, LPNY Ltd., Marine Nutriceutical, Natrol, Natural Factors, Nature's Way, NPI Center, NTI Corp., ONC / Ocean Nutrition, Paragon Labs, Pharmachem, Pure Fruit Technologies, Purity Products, Red Roxx, Skyline, Solar Nutrition, Source Salba, Tishcon, SPINS, Vitamer, Vitaquest and Wild Oats.

In addition 45 individuals generously donated to support Vitamin Angels'
worldwide efforts including (in alphabetical order): Tom Aarts, Anonymous (2), Daniel & Mary Atwood, Miranda Barnard, John Benninger, Barbara Bruechner, David Carter, the Davis Family, Jane Drinkwater, Dr. KK Dwivedi, Cheryl Greene, Cantal Guyette, Melody Harwood, Greg Horn, Loren Israelson, J.R. and Kimberly, Kathy Jordan, Steve and Mary Kaczynski, Mark Koob, Batya Lahar, Warren Lancaster, Myron Lyskanycz, Murray Mahony, Don McGimpsey, Kathy McKnight, Bruce Miller, Dean Mosca, Julie Mueller, Dan and Marie Murray, Michael Murray, Tom Newmark, P.K Dave, Griff Parker, Mitch Propster, Lawrence Rose, Sue Swenson, David Thibodeau, Marc Ullman, Gordon Walker, Bill Wolf, Marsha Wolff, Lindsay and Brody Wright and Anthony Yanni.

Vitamin Angels is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization dedicated to providing basic nutrition and fighting vitamin A deficiency childhood blindness around the world since 1994. Last year, Vitamin Angels donated more than 100 million supplements to people in need in 40 countries around the world. For more information or to make a donation to Vitamin Angels visit www.VitaminAngels.org.

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