Celestial Seasonings launches ENERJI Green Tea Energy Shots

Celestial Seasonings launches ENERJI Green Tea Energy Shots

New ENERJI shots use the power of green tea to provide a natural, flavorful and portable energy boost.

Celestial Seasonings, a brand of The Hain Celestial Group Inc., has announced the launch of ENERJI Green Tea Energy Shots—great-tasting, single-serve and shelf-stable energy shots that combine naturally energizing green tea with a special blend of B vitamins and ginseng for a natural energy boost. ENERJI Shots join Kombucha Energy Shots in the Celestial Seasonings Natural Shots product line, giving consumers another natural alternative for their energy needs.

"We know there's strong consumer demand for natural energy alternatives, so we've added ENERJI shots to our natural shot line for consumers who want to enjoy the benefits of energy shot products while still making choices they feel good about," said Blake Waltrip, vice president and chief marketing officer at Celestial Seasonings Inc. "As a trusted tea company with a strong history in wellness, we're very serious about creating innovative products that meet the specific needs of our health-conscious consumers and also reflect our brand's mission and values."

Unlike many of the energy shot products in today's marketplace, Celestial Seasonings ENERJI Shots are powered by natural caffeine from green tea and green tea extract, with no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. The energy shot segment is expected to grow 116 percent in sales between 2011 and 2016, according to Mintel, and Celestial Seasonings expects that the increased popularity of natural shot alternatives will help drive that segment growth.

"Our society is becoming increasingly demanding, and many consumers are looking for natural products that help them keep up the pace," said Jennifer Stolte, senior director of marketing at Celestial Seasonings Inc. "We are supporting our consumers by offering energy alternatives that provide the boost they need with beneficial ingredients."

Packaged in convenient 2.5 fluid ounce bottles, Celestial Seasonings ENERJI Green Tea Energy Shots are available in three flavor varieties: Citrus, Berry and Pomegranate Xtreme (with more caffeine and B vitamins than regular ENERJI shots). ENERJI Shots can be purchased at shop.celestialshots.com and select online and local retailers.


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