Cevena Bioproducts Founders Receive 2005 ASTech Award

Innovative extraction process earns coveted recognition

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA – Cevena Bioproducts Inc announced today that its founders, Drs. Thava Vasanthan and Feral Temelli, professors at the University of Alberta, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, have been awarded the 2005 AVAC/Dow Agrosciences/ASTech Innovation in Agricultural Science prize for their novel technology. Their simple yet ingenious process concentrates beta-glucan and results in the highest quality beta-glucan available. The resulting concentrate called Viscofiber® is gaining attention world-wide.

Drs. Vasanthan and Temelli’s innovative technology when used broadly could save millions in health care costs, according to Kimmo Lucas, CEO and President of Cevena Bioproducts, Inc.
“Beta-glucan, a naturally occurring soluble fiber, is known to lower cholesterol,” says Lucas. “However, there has been no cost-effective way to extract it from oats or barley without destroying its health benefits. Drs. Vasanthan and Temelli have effectively solved the problem by developing a fractionation process that produces high-quality beta-glucan that can be priced low enough for sale as a dietary supplement or as an ingredient for foods.”

Traditional processes extract and degrade the structure of the beta-glucan and therefore diminish its health benefits. Instead of extracting beta-glucan, Vasanthan and Temelli’s technology leaves intact beta-glucan behind. “Viscofiber®’s superiority is due to its optimal high molecular weight (giving it viscosity) and high concentration. This makes it possible for food companies to add smaller volumes of beta-glucan to their products to achieve the desired health benefits.”

The prize is co-sponsored by AVAC Ltd. and Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc. and is presented to an individual, team or company that has demonstrated exceptional innovation or developed a technology of significance to Alberta’s agriculture, agrifood and Agrivalue™ industries. The ASTech Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that identifies and promotes outstanding accomplishments in science and technology, and is supported by 21 private and public sector patrons.

About Cevena Bioproducts Inc.
Technically advanced grain-based ingredients for nutritional products are the focus of Cevena Bioproducts, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The company’s core mission is to improve human health and well-being through proven and effective nutritional products. Its lead product Viscofiber® high -glucan concentrate is derived from oats or barley via a patented fractionation process that yields the richest, highest quality beta-glucan ingredient on the market today. Viscofiber® is in clinical trials to prove its efficacy in addressing healthy cholesterol levels and maintaining a healthy glycemic response for heart health-conscious consumers. Further clinical research will illuminate its efficacy for gastrointestinal health and satiety. For more information, log on to www.cevena.com.

Kristina Williams
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